Beauty Hack: Easy Tip to Save Your Old Dried Out Nail Polish

How To Fix Old nail polish

Depending on the brand of your nail polish it can have a 1-2 year shelf life… On occasion you’ll have a polish that can go the distance and last longer but their usually a gonner within this range.

If you notice your nail polish is looking a little sticky or DRY (if that’s the right term) You can bring it back to like, with a few easy steps.


You’ll Need:

An Old crusty nail polish

Nail Polish Thinner

Pour nail polish thinner in nail polish

Step 1

Take your nail polish thinner, pour a small amount into the nail polish bottle.


Step 2

Shake the bottle until you hear/feel movement(if none repeat step 1)

Pink nail polish dripping

Step 3

When you feel movement check to see if the polish is back to your desired thickness. After these few easy steps your nail polish is ready to try. Before you’re ready to use your polish, test it out to see if it is ready. Fixing your old nail polish is an easy quick fix. This post was the super BASIC version on how to repair your nail polish.


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Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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