Fight Sickness During Season Change

When the seasons change, our immunity changes too. We love when the weather breaks, because we can go from long sleeve turtlenecks to tank tops, spaghetti straps and shorts, But the one thing no one loves about the season change is getting sick! I've decided to take a break from my normal beauty routine to share a few tricks and tips on how I stay healthy or how I super speed past a normal week long sickness.

Unfortunately I just wasn't fast enough this season to not get the weather change blues, but I have had many season changes, illness free or I've been able to speed past a week long sickness and knock 1/2 the time off. Now these tips are true and tried, BUT you HAVE to use them for them to work DUH!!!!

1 Ginger

Benefis of Ginger fever

I use ginger for fever. My youngest son is super prone to fever whenever he gets bitten by the bug, there's always fever involved. Ginger keeps his temperature low and also helps to pass any activated sickness a little bit faster. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties also help to reduce the risk of getting sick when used as a preventative remedy.

2 Garlic

Use garlic to keep from getting sick

Now I know you're probably rolling your eyes right now! I probably would be too, because people always say coconut oil and garlic, when bombs fly off! IJS it can get annoying BUT whenever I feel I'm in a pinch … Garlic does the trick. Garlic is a natural anti biotic its anti bacterial, anti fungal increases white blood cells and it gets rid of pneumonia, flu, common cold, strep throat, diarrhea, constipation death…. Okay Okay I was exaggerating with the last 2 BUT it does work for everything else I mentioned. As a preventative method you can cook with it or just take it straight up whenever you think its about that time for the bug to start flying around. Best thing is garlic works FAST!!! I mean almost instantaneous. So try it Raw is best but if you cant handle it cook it or boil it!

Bon Apetite

Sleeping couple African American sleeping

3 Rest

This may sound weird but I noticed I mostly Only get sick when a certain combination occurs in my life. When I'm not eating healthy, When I get little sleep and when the weather is changing, and of course it doesn't happen everytime, but when ALL of these events occur in one time lets say more than 2 weeks I'm almost always gonna get sick. I can also say that when I've taken measure to get extra sleep in times of feeling like sickness is right around the way, I always curve the bug and it passes without getting me down. So during weather/season/schedule changes get more rest! It'll do you a world of goodness.

Sleeping Black woman

4 Fast

You'll be amazed at how quickly the body can recover when you just give it a break. Now I know there are all kinds of people out there who swear that fasting is the 1st cousin of the Anti Christ, but lets just put this into perspective; When you get sick what's the 1 thing you do less of???? EAT! When you have the flu eating is the last answer of things you want to do. When you get fever you probably only care about getting warm and maybe getting sleep and something to drink(ie water) Eating however is not the thing you usually want to do. When you give your body a break from food you give your body a moment to reset its process. The saying “You can survive without food, but you cant survive without water” it isn't quoted for no reason. This wasn't the statement of some dumb person looking to be the next legend in quote history, it was coined because of its truth. Sometimes you need a break, your body needs a rest from food processing, storing, and expelling.

Fast will help you heal faster

5 Wash Your Hands

I just thought of this right before publishing. I notice whenever I go to public bathrooms certain people are extremely non hygenic when it comes to washing their hands. I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE WASH YOUR NASTY HANDS!!! Especially when you're using public restrooms, cause reality is your don't know who came before you and didn't wash their hands right after wiping their butts!!! NEED I SAY MORE!!!! This is an extremely nasty habit. JUST WASH YOUR FREAKIN HANDS OKAY!!!!

Wash your hands when you use the bathroom

So I hope you found these few tips helpful in your healthy journey. When the seasons change we need a little pick me up! Remember

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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