How to Keep Your Nails Looking Fresh UV Gel & Acrylic Nail Care Tips

So let be honest we ladies (and some gents) love to get a fresh set. Acrylic or gel whichever your preference doesn’t really make a difference. While we love to go get our fresh set just as we love our fresh hairdo, sometimes its a little annoying to have to actually pay to have it done! Lol I just kinda put it on the table there didn’t I! I ain’t gonna lie sometimes I’D RATHER spend my money on other stuff, BUT my nails are part of my personal care package so even though I may DRAG IT OUT eventually I end up getting my nails done (or doing them myself, but it gets done!) Because I am working on spending less of my money on things such as this and more on investments that will pay off in the future I have been really needing my nails to last longer. So I will share just a few tips I have picked up along the years of nail care that have helped me carry a set past its due date without looking CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY OH BAABE!

Care Tips for UV GEL and Acrylic Nail Sets
1. Try not to submerge your hands in water too often. Use gloves whenever possible to avoid unneccessary softening of your acrylic or gel set.
2. Avoid picking at your gel or acrylic
3. Avoid manual labor as much as possible

4. Avoid using acetone as much as possible. Acetone can dissolve acrylic and will destroy your set if there is contact with your nails. Unless you are removing your nails or you are a nail tech, acetone should be the last bottle you pick up.
5. Avoid Constant use of your nail tips whenever possible.

Acrylic & UV Gel nail care tips
When typing especially try not to use the tips of your nails
Uv gel care tips for nails
Instead use the tips of your fingers, not the tip of your nails.

6. Don’t be afraid to do minor grooming to hold you over until your next set. Learn How I stretch my acrylic or gel set NOW!!!!
And of course as usual avoid smacking, punching, strangling people as this could put your set in DANGER!! LOL Yall know I had to be extra and add that in there. Yea Yea I know I didn’t need to tell MOST off yall that, but lets be clear…. theres always some 48 year old out there just waiting for that opportunity to fight. Lol Don’t Do it sis Don’t Do it… Think of the nails!
All in all these steps are super easy and almost full proof but sometimes we often forget the simple things that keep everything going. I hope this will help you in some way. Please check out the post on How I Stretch My Nail Set  this will greatly help you in addition to these easy to follow tips.

Until next time
Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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