5 Times that Braid Out Was *Lit*

Black hairstyle on natural hair

Just surfing the web as I regularly do and I saw a beautiful braid out. That braid out gave me the idea to search for more and what did I find…. More beautiful braid outs! Then I got to thinking how beautiful natural hair really is. Its so versatile very forgiving and quite fun Most times, So I decided to chronicle a few times THAT BRAID OUT WAS LIT!!!  I see women with Natural hair all the time where I live, and of course we say “Hey” with the “There's more like me” Nod but in general we don't really take the time to just relish in the beauty of our own hair, our own culture, our own style that can only be replicated but never duplicated. I'm doing it today.

So just enjoy these beautiful ladies, with their GORGEOUS Braid outs on their stunning natural hair.


Enjoy your beauty sista. I will enjoy it with you and for you which ever's clever. Remember

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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