5 Oils For Your Natural Hair Growth

5 Natural hair oils

Caring for and growing your hair is not always just and automatic happening. Sometimes you have to take measures to ensure that your hair is healthy and growing as it should or even faster than it should. Today I'm going to share with some of MY FAVORITE hair oils to keep my hair growing longer faster, keep it shiny and lustrous, and keep it clear of dandruff, dry itchy scalp and most importantly bugs!

While I must point out I've never had any bug issues such as lice in my hair, I always make sure to use preventative methods so that I can continue to say its never happened to me. ALL of these oils have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties that make the hair and scalp inhospitable for any little critters crawling around in there. Oh and ladies it can happen to you!!! So don't act funny. I have a friend who ended up with lice from a bag of bad hair… So get that “It'll never happen to me” or “Black people can't get lice” Out of your system cuz it can happen.

The thing is as kids, most of us were accustomed to having GREASE put on our scalps that's why we never got it! Times have changed tho grease is FAR LESS popular so we have to find other methods to stay safe.

Anywho here are a few of the best oils for your hair to stay healthy and grow longer faster.


5 Oils for natural hair care

Jojoba Oil

  • Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal properties stimulates and promotes new hair growth
  • Prevents and stops hair loss thinning
  • Conditions and adds shine
  • Identical to sebum

Coconut OilBenefits of coconut oils

  • Helps repair split ends
  • Natural hair conditioner
  • Seals and protects hair shaft
  • Softens hair
  • Repairs and prevents damage
  • Prevents baldness

Benefits of Vitamin E oil for hair








Vitamin E Oil

  • Repairs split ends
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Conditions hair
  • Improves blood circulation in scalp
  • Stimulates an nourishes scalp
  • Prevents gray hair

Olive oil for hair care

Olive Oil

  • Promotes natural hair growth
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Aids in the reversal of hair loss
  • Fights fungi and bacterial infection great dandruff treatment
  • Tames and reduces frizz
  • Adds shine


Castor oil and the benefit for natural hair

Castor Oil

  • Boosts blood circulation to follicles
  • Strengthens hair shaft
  • Locks in moisture
  • Helps reduce split ends
  • Controls hair breakage
  • Treats scalp infection
  • Omega-9 fatty acids help thicken hair
  • Nourishes hair with Omega- fatty acid


The benefits of Each of these oils go far beyond those mentioned here, but I wanted to share the benefits for hair. As you can see All 5 of these oils have great properties that will help stimulate your hair growth, repair you hair and scalp, and keep you scalp clean and clear from any inhibitors. Below I have included a few videos that will offer additional information on how you can implement some of these oils into your hair care regimen.




Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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    1. Yes Coconut oil is a fam fave. We use it for skin cooking and more. Thanks for much for sharing your feedback xoxo

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