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So as you may know I have been shopping. These are a few items that were planned, others that were kinda impulse buys as of today I am still waiting for a few very highly anticipated items but I'll feature that all on its own.

I've been busy So Lets just cute the small talk and get right to it!
Lets start with the drugstore items.
Months ago I saw these and I have kinda been thinking about them since then.  I wanted to do a back to school look, just never got around to it.
Rimmel London Magnify Eyes Kohl Kajal Eyeshadow- I picked up 2 shades
1. Pink and Purple rain #005
2. Queens of the Bronzed Age #003
Swatches for The Milani Lippie and Rimmel Eyeshadow

When I first found these a few months ago I swatched them but couldn't remember anything about them except the colors of them and that they were pretty. When I swatched them recently I found that when they dry they are stuck. I'll review later.
The last drugstore item that I purchased was the Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme Obsession #18. I probably should do a full review on this but I just have to say … This lippie stains like HELL … End of Story.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance 24 hour Anti Crease Eyeshadow Primer ~ I've been looking for something to use to keep my eyeshadows in place for a longer period of time. When I saw this I thought I'd give it a try.

Too Faced Lip Insurance Demi Matte Anti Feathering Lip Primer~ So when I tried that Milani lippie I noticed it was dry as hell. My lips were cracked looking, I thought having a lip primer may help a little bit. So I purchased this with the shadow insurance.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara~ So I'm not sure I should have gotten this WATERPROOF mascara because Im starting to think that may have been a mistake. I immediately noticed whe I took this out of the package it arrived in, that it was extremely heavy for a mascara. This is the first time I've purchased a higher end mascara … you know one more than 10 bucks at walmart. I haven't tried it yet, but I will and when I do… I'll let you know.

Coloured Raine Metallic Matte Lip Paint~ I picked up 5 lippies of which I LOVE!!! Lip swatches coming soon. I purchased Frances kind of a pinkish gold color. When I saw it online I had to have it. Next Galaxy… its a purplish gray, although I didn't realize it had a purplish tint to it when I bought it. Kotton Kandy a nudey pink shadow with a hint of gold to it. Very pretty with an irredescent like tone to it. Blue Dragon its almost like a ritual for me. I have to … have to have a blue lippie! I have several but whenever I buy lippies I always seem to find a good blue, nothing else I could say.  Cherry Blossom I'm on the hunt for the perfect red, not sure that I found it with this but it isn't a bad shade just not the PERFECT shade I was looking for. Cherry Blossom is a red obviously not dark not super bright but right up the middle.

Moondust Palette I purchased this because I swatched a few of the shadows at Sephora and I liked what I saw.
Full Spectrum Palette~ I purchased the Full Spectrum Palette because of the brilliance and vibrance I saw online. The vibrant colors of this palette are exactly what I LOVE… Vibrance! A swatch video and images will be coming up for this as well.
Full Spectrum Top View
I think that's all for now of course if I forgot anything I'll let you know in a new post.

Well Until Next Time
Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving
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  1. I love the Two Faced mascara. I’ve never tried the waterproof version, I do have a sample I got a while back but haven’t tried it, but the normal version is really good! I don’t like clumpy mascaras and this definitely doesn’t clump.

    1. Yes exactly I honestly didn’t know what to expect this was my first time buying it and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for your feedback I love to know how others feel about these products xoxo

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