Moondust Palette Swatches and Review

Urban Decay Moondust Palette Case and Box pictures


Hey guys! So I know I’ve been absent for a little bit with the Holiday season and all but I have been busy shopping and finding new products to bring to you all.
Today we’re gonna discuss the moondust palette. I decided to buy it because some opportunistic sales rep at Sephora showed me some of its beauty. Now I didn’t purchase it at the time of course, but eventually…. I did!

So here are the deets

Pictures Images of Moondust Palette BY Urban Decay

Palette Details: Full sized mirror, Durable plastic sparkle case
Size: 8 Shades 0.70 g Pans
All shimmer/glitter

Shade Names(left to right): Specter, Element, Magnetic, Lightyear, Granite Lithium, Vega, and Galaxy

Price $49Moondust Eyeshadow on Brown Skin Swatches of Moondust Palette on Dark Skin

Honestly don’t think these shades are designed for blending, now they can blend of course but they are shimmer/glitter shades they’re pretty much for WOW!!! Not blending. They are however perfect foiled/topper type shadow.

What I like about the palette: They’re shimmery
What I don’t like about the palette: They’re shimmery

Don’t get me wrong I love glitter/shimmer shadows but I found it to be a bit more expensive that it should be for it to be only a shimmer palette. I didn’t realize before I purchase it that this was the case. I honestly have mixed feelings about this palette. I think if the price were a bit lower I may not have been so unsure but with this palette being 49… well $50 bucks basically I feel a little let down by UD. Urban Decay could have come harder for the electric palette follow up. Maybe the Afterdark palette will makeup up for this lowkey fail. Its not a total bomb but it could be tho.  I don’t know.


So What Do I Think

What I can say is Urban Decay created pretty shades in this palette, the shimmer is brilliant. Its not an overpowering blinged out shine like glitter, but it is a subtly sparkly starlight shine. Which is actually beautiful.
The Moondust palette is pretty just not in my opinion $49 worth. But hey you decide. Tell me what you think about the Moondust palette by Urban Decay

Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving
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    1. I definitely understand. This palette while ok for collectors really wasn’t that perfect buy for all situations. So you can do without it! Thanks so much for stopping by love. xoxo

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