Happy New Years: My Goals for 2017

Goals and planning for the new year

happy new year 2017

Yes I’m late but the party doesn’t stop its only begun! At the end of the month on the 26th ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy New Years~

So it seems that every year here on my blog I make a super Late intro to the New Year. So why change it up now! You guys already know my style ~Better Late Than Never~ So here I am letting you all know that I hope you had a very good time bringing in the new year! Since the year is already off to a start I have a few things I’d like to just put out into the universe. What better place than here Right!?!?! So here are my goals and plans well some of them for 2017…
As you may already know I do have a YouTube channel where I create Hair Makeup Nail and more tutorials weekly. I like to post here on my blog and on YouTube consistently but from time to time I find myself behind on one or the other. Usually when my blog is poppin YouTube ain’t and vice versa. I am looking to change that. In an effort to close that gap and make my blog and YouTube a unit and more cohesive I will post video tutorials here more often. This will help me keep up with you guys with fresh content and my YouTube as well.
Anyhow I wanted to share with you all a few of the styles I have created on my YouTube channel as I have before in the past. I really feel that this post will help me create a level of commitment and accountability for me to get it DONE!

So my goal for this year with Vicariously Me is to get more in sync with the YouTube and blog both working as 1 unified organization as they already should be but sometimes fall short. Vicariously Me is 1 brand across the board and I want to make sure my brand across all platforms is in unison. This year I have let go of the concept of resolutions and I have decided to keep it at goals and plans because whenever I have a goal set I always reach it no matter how big, small, or long it takes.

Get organized Run this brand like a business and create the life you want to live based on it.

So that’s it folks

Happy New Year

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Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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