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25 Days of Christmas Gift ideas

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So Christmas is almost near and you need ideas. So Here is the final days of Christmas Ideas for you Just in the NICK OF TIME!!!

Spa Package


Going to the spa on a regular…. GOALS!!!! Spa visits are usually a great way to reset your LIFE!! Get your Life and put you back on track in life. Well for me at least its that good. Many spas offer packages and some even offer membership which for a monthly fee will get you a regular service. I think this is just beautiful.

Holiday Gift Ideas


Guitar Set

There are a lot of men and women out there who missed their calling. I recently caught wind of a deal going where you could get a Keith Urban Guitar and 30-50 Lessons included in the package. I thought it was such a good deal I had to share it with you guys as one of the Gift Ideas here on the 25 Days of Christmas theme. Learning to play the guitar is something anyone can do with the right equipment and dedication.

25 Days of Christmas

A New Laptop

25 Days of Christmas Gift ideasGetting a new laptop is always a good idea. Just a fresh new device is just a good feeling. I honestly can say I love new laptops and when they offer capabilities that make life easier…. even better!! Touch Screens, Wifi (DUH), Versatility, Speed and Space are all important aspect of a laptop not to mention video graphics cards and more.


Heavy Bag Boxing Kit

This is totally cool. Never even thought of it until on one of my browsing/surfing sessions I saw this and it literally dragged me in! I loved this as holiday gift ideas because literally ANYONE can use it! Its has many great uses from exercise to aggression therapy anger management etc. I just think this is PERFECT!



25 Days of Christmas


Get your ride some new shoes!!!! Yes Get him or her some new rims and dress up your ride. Rims can be a gift for Him or Her and can be purchased to fit the style of the recipient. You can even finance rims if you have to!!! I mean real deal I have seen rim shops with payment plans that fit your budget and lifestyle. Some cute rims ain’t never hurt nobody!!!!

Sound System

Holiday shopping christmas gifting ideas


I love music. Like I actually write, sing and rap… Love music. I think every household no matter how technologically advanced it is NEEDS a good system. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!! Having a way to enjoy your favorite tunes is close to one of the BEST ways to unwind, relax, get hype change your mood or whatever! I’m all about creative expression and listening to creative expression is an experience all in itself. You need a could system man or woman. DO IT! GET ONE!

1st Day Of Christmas

Days 1 of the 25 Days of Christmas comes to this. Christmas is the best way to lost ALL of your money! There’s no debate about that. While we spend so much time concerning about gifts and buying and finding something externally to make someone happy we must NEVER forget LOVE is the ultimate way to expression how you feel. So on the 1st Day of Christmas I want you to share MORE THAN ANYTHING….

Holiday gift ideas gifting this holiday season


Enjoy your holidays share with those you care for, but most of all share you real true genuine Love

Until Next Time

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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