25 Days Of Christmas Day 16-8 for Him & Her

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So I know you guys think I just gave up and forgot… But I didn't. I just got a little caught up this week and ended up working a lot of overtime hours so I wasn't able to upload. So lets just get into these 25 days of Christmas ideas. Time is winding down and I need absolutely NEED to get this out to you so you know what else to buy. Sorry I'm so late BUT IM GONNA MAKE SURE I FINISH before Christmas.



Beats Head Phones
Recently I bought my 1st pair of beats headphones. I honestly never jumped on the beats wagon I didn't really care to get them, BUT I was shopping a few weeks ago and I saw these 249.99 headphones for 99.99 at Kohls. So I got em. That deal was amazing whats the worst that could happen. I gotta say they are really REALLY good! So get the beats!!

<<<Beats headphones walmart link $197.88 – $329.95


Alot of people drink coffee…. I drink tea but for me this goes for both. The Keurig is a really popular coffee maker that honestly would probably be used quite a lot if you have a coffee or tea drinker on your hands. This baby right here would be a real win win for someone who has to have their daily coffee/tea.


71l4s3xlvtl-_sl1500_GPS is everywhere we use them on road trips, their installed on our phones and they are quite useful PERIOD! So its no surprise that GPS is on the list.

apple_mk9h2ll_a_64gb_ipad_mini_4_1185476Ipad Mini's
Sooo lets just say its just one of the most sought after mobile devices in the electronic industry. This honestly needs not introduction. Ipads are simply amazing. You have many of the very same apps that you might get on an imac or macbook in the ipad. You can travel with them you can use them in many of the same ways.


So I don't have an Iphone and I'm not really pressed to get one either. But I do realize that MANY people love and want the worshiped Iphone. The reason I want to really suggest an Iphone is because there are a lot of things I have seen in terms of capabilities with the Iphone. Im a youtuber and I've seen a lot of people using their Iphones for creating their youtube video and beyond. So I'm gonna suggest it for a gift idea. End of Story


A tablet is a really great mobile device to have access to. There was a point of time when I complained or at least thought of complaining about the ever growing annual electronics bill due to the NEXT NEW device being available on the market. However I recently got an Amazon Kindle and Honestly its worth it! Its seems a little redundant to have all these devices that all do the same thing. But they honestly all have their very specific fit in your daily life. I recently saw a deal at HSN where you could get 2 Amazon Fire Tablets for $99.95!!! That's a hellof a buy. So Get a tablet.

runway-show-design-brand-luxury-fashion-letter-font-b-monogram-b-font-font-b-bangle-b pave-diamond-bangle-bracelet-2474ct-14k-z4

Bangle Braclets
I love bangles. They're really cute and I like the look and feel it gives. Simple and pretty.



A good time piece is a really good easy way to put a bracelet on a man! LOL I just couldn't resist saying that!! LOL I think a really nicely designed time piece is a good look. I like a liitle bling not too much but definitely a quality piece.





Gaming System
My husband like playstation. I haven't gotten him a new one yet but I have been wanting to for a while now. A new Playstation 4.5 or whatever is newer is a great way to gift your gaming baby. My husband uses his playstation for gaming, netflix, and other apps used to watch and stream movies. Get a playstation 4.5 and a few games and viola. Happiness!


Welp That's All For Now But More will come Until Next Time

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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