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Twisted Mohawk Updo Natural Hairstyles Updo Styles for Natural hair

So A few weeks ago I shared with you all 5 Natural Hair Updo Hairstyles that were super cute and a few were even easy to recreate. One of the styles was so cute I decided to put a little twist to it and create my own version, Sort of. Well at the time I created this style I wasn't thinking about the style mentioned however I must say it probably was in my subconscious enough for me to think about it. I'll just say the natural Mohawk Updo I created was Inspired by one of the styles previously share in the post.

To create this style I used Gel, a Comb and Cream of Nature Leave In Conditioning Spray. I did this on a fresh twist out. Doing this gave the rolled Mohawk a Really Pretty Textured look.

Step 1: Remove all twists and separate the hair from front to back in 3 sections.

Step 2: Taking 1 section part this section right up the middle from forehead to nape of neck.

Step 3: Create small (square) sections in each of the newly created sections.

Step 4: Starting with 1 small portion of the smaller section begin to twist. Twist the small section about 1/2 of the way. Use a bobby pin to hold the section out of the way.

Step 5: Taking a smaller portion of the larger section begin to twist the small section. Remove the bobby pin from the 1st small section and twist both sections together.

Step 6: Complete on until finished. Repeat on other side section Until completed.

Watch the Video Demonstration Below for a more visual representation.

of this tutorial.

Loved creating this style it was easy for me and you can learn right now! Don't forget to follow the blog and subscribe to Qualah aka vicariously me to my youtube channel.


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