25 Days of Christmas: Day 19 Jewelry Her

Prince Diamonds and Pearls

Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Marilyn Monroe Diamonds

Lets just be honest, every one loves a bit of sparkle, shine, ice… Diamonds and Pearls whatever you want to call them. Missing out on the opportunity to get a gift where you have the slightest chance of going wrong is .. well ….. DUMB!!!!

Prince Diamonds and Pearls
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Marilyn Monroe gifMarilyn didn’t sing “Diamonds are A Girls Best Friend” strictly for entertainments purposes. She was sending a message. Buy the girl diamonds to show your appreciation. Now Diamonds won’t work in ALL situations, but gift giving to say “I Love You” “You’re Special” stuff like that its a NO BRAINER……


Here are a few perfect picks from a jewelry dealer you’ll love.



2/7 ct Diamond 14k Rose Gold Dangle Earrings $454.95

1 ct Diamond 10k Gold Tennis Bracelet $798
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