25 Days of Christmas: Day 23 Buying Makeup For Her

Christmas Gift Ideas for her

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Christmas Gift Ideas for her

Christmas Gift Giving

If you have a budding makeup enthusiast on your hands, there are always plenty of makeup items to buy. The list is never ending. So if you happen to know exactly what to get… you’re in great shape. However if you’re not quite sure let me help you out.

First and foremost you always want to check popular makeup outlets such as(Sephora, Mac, Ulta etc). for gift sets and limited edition holiday items. If ya girl loves makeup, she’ll definitely appreciate the extra effort associated with you selecting a good limited edition item. If there’s non of that going on…. Not to worry there are still TONS of options to choose from.

Its important to take note of what bae buys most. Does she buy mostly eyeshadow palettes, foundation, lipstick, or blush. Knowing what she likes most will help you narrow the list. Once you know its always a great ideas to find out what she has. Knowing this will help you choose an item that she doesn’t already own.

Next get to know her favorite brands and find out what’s their newest or next big release. Chances are they have something new and she’s gonna want it!

Make your choice and buy it! To give you an extra hand here are a few items most makeup divas will LOVE!!! Check these items out and who knows maybe you’ll make her smile with one of them!







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