My November Beauty Wishlist

Full Spectrum Palette

My Beauty wishlist for this month is simple! I want what I want and that’s that!!! (Moment Over)

So I went to Sephora to play around one day and from that visit I added a few items to my list. This month its not a lot but its enough to make this list.


Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Full Spectrum PaletteThis month Urban decay came out with the Full Spectrum Palette. As many of you may know… IM A TOTAL CRAZY PERSON for colorful palettes, AND THIS IS IT!!!! The 21 shades look absolutely beautiful. Although I haven’t been able to test the palette I’m still having bouts of uncontrollable excitement based on the shades offered in this palette.

Um can we just take a moment to look at this!!!!   Full Spectrum Top View

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation


When I went to Sephora I played around with this foundation. I loved the way it looked without a primer. I’m sure it would look wonderful with primer as well. Trying this foundation on I realized the texture and overall look and feel was exactly what I’ve been looking for in a foundation. I remember trying this foundation on about a year ago, but for some reason it didn’t strike me at the time. I think I had tried on several foundations that day and just couldn’t remember the exact foundation that I loved. Now I know this was it! On my wishlist it goes! This will be the next foundation purchase I make! I tried the shade New Orleans. This foundation is prices at $48.00 for a 1 oz. bottle.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

I tested this on the very same day as the All Day Luminous. I’ve heard so much about this concealer and I now see the light and believe its for Damn good reason. This concealer fits its name in Creamy but it is also right between thick and light…. Yea I don’t know how but it is! I love the coverage it offered under the eyes and the shades are simply beautiful. I ended up trying a shade that was very similar to my skin tone. I thought that would be perfect on those days when you’re looking for that natural look. Ya know the days you’re not trying to be highlighted to the GODS!!! Anywho this made my list because of the beauty in application, shade selection, coverage and texture.

Benefit Cosmetics LLC
Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm MaskPeter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC

s1686526-main-lheroI initially heard about this from either Jackie Aina or some other tuber, but I know for sure it was a youtube video where I first heard about it. I can only say that I wanted to try this product from sheer curiosity. It wasn’t because it claimed to offer something that I was interested in or that I had an immediate need for the product. It was just interesting enough for me to want to try it out. I think I liked the sound of Gold on my skin. Ya know! 102115-gold-beauty-leadl This product runs $80 for a 5 oz. container at Sephora however you can got to Peter Thomas Roth website and select a smaller size.

Use this link to get a free sample
Spend $100 and automatically get a FREE Radiant Instant Mineral! A $35 Value!

Or use this link to get free shipping and a free sample
FREE Shipping on orders over $50! FREE samples included with every purchase!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glowyea-k

Considering how much I was against getting a glow kit, I’m surprised this landed on my list. I love a good highlight tho! Anyhow I was watching Megz on YouTube and she swatched and I was like >>>>>>>

The swatches were really pretty. Being that Megz has brown skin like mine, I could really see the gold tone glow so nicely. I was sold!

So the Ultimate Glow by ABH is on my November wishlist.



Versace Bright Crystal Fragrances

So when I went to Sephora weeks ago with my friend. I tested this perfume. GAWD Let me just say I just want to swim in this fragrance. I like both the Bright Crystal and the Bright Crystal Absolu. I want them both even thou they are wellKaty Perry Wink over $60 each. I am not caring Imma need that fragrance in my life. Very soft and subtly pretty just my kinda fragrance. AND THEY’RE IN PINK BOTTLES!!!! SOLD!!! Honestly just thinking of it all of my favorite fragrances have been in pink bottles. Hey its my favorite color. Anywho Bright Crystal is about $76 for a 1 oz. bottle and $112 or something for a 3 oz. bottle. I love the bright crystal so I think the price is doable! Plus I have a discount code!

Bring that $76 down to $42 Shop Here>>> And get this for cheaper. What’ll it be for you Bright Crystal or Bright Crystal Absolu Follow The links and use this code SAVENOW for 10% off!!!!

Urban Decay Moondust Palette

Moondust Palette Urban DecaySo this is last but certainly not least. The day I went to test out products and play around at Sephora I found out just the reason why the Electric Palette had gone on sale from $49 to $24, and I found this! I was already a fan of the moondust individual shadows, NOW THEY”VE GONE AND MADE A PALETTE! I happen to prefer palette because they’re easy to travel with, less too keep up with, and easier to find. When I saw this palette I knew it was going to be beautiful, but honestly the first time I saw it… it didn’t snatch my eye. It was the next shopping trip when I dipped my finger into the shadow that I recognized its beauty. And the moondust palette is a thing of beauty. The shimmer is Impeccable! These shades are perfect for building up an eyeshadow. I tried Vega on top of a blue shade from the Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette and it was pure beauty. So yea on the wishlist it goes.

Whats your wishlist items? Did you have some of the same items on your list? Maybe you have some of the items on my list, feel free to share your thoughts.

Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving



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