5 Beautiful Natural Hair Updo’s

Afro Texture and Kinky Texture hairstyles

Black Opal Beauty

Updos are my favorite type of styles. I love them elegant, “Ghetto”, fancy, tall, intricate, wild … ALL THAT! I love it all rolled up in one. When I originally went natural I had to learn to embrace my natural hair. I had to transition my mind into seeing and believing that my hair texture is beautiful. To do that I had to create styles that I loved to see in my natural texture. I started out with styles that were easy until I felt more comfortable to explore with the more difficult styles. Now I honestly don’t know what I was ever thinking … believing that straight hair was the only kind of hair that was beautiful. I LOVE my natural hair texture and the versatility it offers me. In an effort to share that love I have been sharing natural hairstyles for women and young girls for years and I’ve decided to continue because with all the movement in the natural hair community along with the social issues pinned upon it (ie School Discrimination, Corporate Discrimination, News Discrimination, etc.) I know that more than ever me and my sisters need to see our beauty and our crown stand tall and stand high by each others side. Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

I found these super cute natural hair updos and thought I’d pass them on to you for just that reason. Of course if and when I recreate any of them I will divy it up with my own flava and create something totally new, but at least I’ll be able to point you here when I reference my inspiration. Check these out let me know what you think and remember…… Wear your crown tall and keep your heads raised high. Your beauty shines bright on any dark night don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Tell em Qualah Said so!

Natural hairstyles Updo hairstyle
This simple yet elegant style instantly give you a statement piece. This faux bun updo is perfect for any event but can be especially well placed for formal events.


Afro Texture and Kinky Texture hairstyles
This hairstyle is perfect for you if you like something simple and out of the way! Its easy an easy updo but its still got lots of style to it. You can be assured you will be fly girl!


Braided Updo Goddess Braids
This Goddess Braided Updo Bun is a good style for a change up. These type of styles should last you up to 2 weeks.


Twisted Updo Mohawk Hairstyle
This style… Is So Freaking cute!!! This twisted mohawk updo is a more tedious style but its worth it! This style can be achieved easily but be careful on them edges girl!!! Love it!

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Natural hair style updos
This style was just… Wow! I love the jumbo rolled twist effect of this style. The front left section is created using the natural hair, faux hair is added to right and the back side. The faux hair adds fullness to the style and really pulls the style together. This was my last selection but it most certainly was not my least favorite. This style BELONGS HERE BOO.

So those are the super cute beautiful gorgeous Natural Updos I saw and had to share with you. I also wanted to share a few products that may help you achieve either of these looks. Be sure to learn more about these products to see if they will fit your styling needs. Remember

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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