7 Amazing Benefits of using Aloe Vera Leaf

Aloe Vera Has many health benefits 1 is healthier hair and scalp

7 Benefits of using Aloe leaf

Promote faster hair growth with Aloe

Aloe Vera Has many health benefits 1 is healthier hair and scalpWe all know about the amazing benefits we can reap from using some home remedies. Theres no need to deny or front with long and drawn out debates. I have for many years held the knowledge from both experience and research that Aloe vera can do wonders for the skin and hair. Iʼve expressed in previous posts that since I am on this 90 Day Hair Challegenge I will be revisiting old tried and true methods that worked for me before. Aloe is one of those. Today we are talking about the benefits of Aloe and how you can use it.

hairnaturalPromotes Hair Growth

You know for the purpose of my 90 day challenge I will surely be re-introducing the regular use of aloe for this reason. I can truly attest to the fact of Aloe promoting hair growth from personal experience. I use the aloe on my scalp and before you know it you have an additional 2-3 inches in a shorter period of time.

Lessens The Appearance of Stretch Marks

I have never used aloe for this intended purpose, but I wouldn't doubt it works. With that being said. Aloe is said to work to lessen the appearance of stretch marks over time. To find out if it really works TRY IT! Lastcall by Neiman Marcus (Neiman Marcus)

Prevents Itchy Scalp

Considering that Aloe carries soothing properties I would say this is a great way to cure your itchy scalp. The gel texture of the aloe aids in reducing dandruff, dryness and in result itchy scalp. Aloe is said to be a perfect home remedy for psoriosis as well.

Conditions Smoothes and Adds Shine to Hair

To add to the amazing list of beneficial properties, Aloe also conditions, smoothes ,and adds shine to your hair. You can use aloe gel to condition the hair and scalp relieving the scalp of any dryness, itchyness, and stimulating a freshly clean and restored base for your hair to flourish.

Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC

Helps Treat Pigmentation MarksShea Butter for smooth skin

As Aloe is great for healing wounds faster and giving the skin a chance to repair with less scarring, it should be no surprise that aloe is great for treating skin blemishs, hyper-pigmentation, acne spots, dark spots and other problematic skin issues that may arise over time. Using aloe will help you treat these skin issues with regular use.

Anti Aging Propertiescollagen a benefit of using Shea Butter

Aloe is said to have anti aging properties when used on the skin. It works to reverse the signs of aging through smoothing out the skin, preventing and reducing visible wrinkles on the skin.

Natural Laxative

The white park of the aloe leaf is a natural laxative. When chewed it promotes the movement of bowels. To use aloe gel, or leaf is simple. If you donʼt have access to aloe plants/leaf you can go to your local health food store to find Aloe Juice or gel. Try to find aloe juice or gel with the least amount of added ingredients. If you are using the store bought aloe juice or gel you will simply pour or spray it into your hair and massage it into the scalp. If you have access to aloe leaf you will have to cut open the leaf, scoop out the pure aloe gel and either grind/blend it up to make it less chunky. Following that you would simply use the gel to massage and condition the scalp and hair. You may choose to let the aloe sit for a while or wash it out; The choice is yours to make. Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC With aloe being so amazing for so many reasons I know that many of you will be heading out to your nearest market to grab yours. You wonʼt regret it! The benefits of Aloe Vera are plentiful as you can see by this list. Although the benefits of Aloe are not limited to those mentioned here today, I am sure just those mentioned in this post are enough to make you reconsider using it. I hope that you have found a few tidbits of valuable information here today. For now thats all I have!

Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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