Sephora Shopping Gone Wrong

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Guess what I did….. I went to Sephora. Boooo ……..


Yes I know youʼre probably confused let me tell you why I booed! I went to Sephora and Judging by my previous post my “My Beauty Wishlist” there were a few things you KNOW I really wanted to buy. So last weekend a friend and I had a girls day. We went out to lunch go pedicures (MUCH NEEDED THANK BAJESUS)giphy and finished off our day with a little shopping at the mall.







The 1st and last place on my mind was Sephora.sephora1

My friend Gladly went along with me although she was pretty much LOST IN THERE. Different story another time! So as we are in Sephora I am looking around literally behaving like a 3 year old kid in a toy shop bouncing from one beauty brand to another, wide eyed looking at everything in sight. I picked up A new BEAUTY BLENDED which was NEEDED,My son bit the top off of my old blender! I went over to M.U.F.E. and grabbed the Radiant Primer Iʼve been wanting since last year but never got around to buying all the times I purchased. Made sure to pick up a sample of the YSL 24k Gold primer although it wasn't the Guerlain primer I spoke of it was A VERY CLOSE MATCH. I also managed to grab Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder, which is probably going back because I was totally Looking for the translucent setting powder! <SadFace> And I got an Algae Sleeping Mask as well as Samples of DR. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Skincare treatments. So in all of the running around testing/ swatching I was doing in Sephora GUESS WHAT I FORGOT!!!!


swatches on dark skin enhancer drops


reason I was wondering around aimlessly picking up things I hadnʼt really had on my list or really fangirled enough to care to put it in my basket, BUT I DIDN'T and the 1 thing that DIDN'T MAKE IT INTO MY BASKET was the 1 thing I REALLY FANGIRLED ABOUT!!! Somehow FOR THE LIFE OF ME…. I couldnʼt freaking remember what the hell it was THAT I wanted SO MUCH that I Had to drag my friend from 1 end of the mall to the complete opposite of the mall to get! The horror, THE TRAGIC HORROR!!!

So now I'm sitting here like >>>>>>4-thumbs-down-o

because Of ALL the time I spent in Sephora I didnʼt remember and didn't even knowingly pass by the dang rack to see it to jog my memory. So now I'm here looking at a few things I needed and/or liked and for sure 1 thing I Probably can't even use……….. YET NO HIGHLIGHT HEAVEN ENHANCER DROPS!!!!!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Oh and when I got home I saw how dissappointing that damned sample was.

Benefit Cosmetics LLC

It was at the bottom of the bottle so I know the rep wasnʼt just being stingy but STILL COME ON LADY If you have to shake the bottle to get me my sample GET A NEW ONE! Come on this isnʼt Rocket Science here, its product samples. When the bottle runs out REPLACE IT! But all in all I guess what I did pick up was good. BUT I WOULD REWIND TIME TO also include my ULTRA SLAY KIT ENHANCER DROPS. So this shopping trip was a BUSS!

giphy (1)

Check me out next time my friend on another episode of Vicariously Me Shopping Gone Wrong!!!

Ciao xoxo

Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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