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*Warning This Post Includes Profanity If that offends you… Don’t read this post! xoxo

So normally I just take my time to write about actual tangible things such as what I have or what I’ve done or what I know! Today I decided to share with you all what I WANT! Kinda unusual for me so I thought I’d share a little introduction with you. My wishlist is not plentiful because generally I don’t really fangirl about things AT ALL! I just don’t feel so powerfully connected to matters of things as I do with spiritual awareness or increasing my knowledge, improving myself on a psychological level, but from time to time I do get excited about a few things here and there. The items on this list probably definitely make that list. So here it goes. My Very First Beauty Wishlist. xoxo

Cover Fx Enhancer Drops

Cover Fx Enhancer Drops Sunlitswatches on dark skin enhancer drops

Soooo its no mystery why there is so much hype surrounding the Cover Fx enhancer drops. They are THE FUCKING SHIT Ahem for lack of better terms.

We’ve all (in the beauty world) seen them, dreamt of them, fantasized about our super glowy cheeks on a sunkissed yet breezy day with hair blowing in the wind with a flowy beach ensemble on……. Or at least that’s just me! I have imagined stepping outside and MURDERING HOE’S Off the sheer beauty of MY SUNKISSED GLOW! Yes I MEAN MURDERING Oh and My Slayy HAS NO BOUNDARIES there will be no prisoners. The boundaries of my Slaycation will be limitless I will take out any and all worthy opponents with the beaming light of sunlight on my cheeks.enhancer drops swatches

Yes boo you know what dream I’m talking bout. The Cover FX/Get ya fuckin LYFE dream! Checkin hoes left n right Dream and on & on & on and on. THESE DAMN THINGS ARE SIMPLY STUNNING!!!!! MY NEXT PURCHASE FROM @SEPHORA WILL INCLUDE 1 of these slay all dayin it. This will be on my alter, in my ULTRA SLAY RITUAL KIT… I AM NOT PLAYING. I am $100 worth of 100% SERIOUS! Hi honey <Ding> #SLAAYYY



Photo By: Cover Fx


Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder

Next on my wishlist is a party pleaser from my long time love affair with Bobbi Brown Products. My first purchase
from Bobbi Brown was when I was 17 my mom took me to the Bobbi Brown counter in Nordstroms or Macys or something like that and for Prom she laced me with my first parent approved makeup. I got the makeup to match my dress and my hair for that special day. So now I will be adding the Highlighter Powder in Sunglow and Bronze glow to my wishlist. Many of you already know I favor highlights in my natural skin tone of golden, so this will fit right in and keep me on my path to keeping my natural glow peeking out with products that simply enhance and allow me to shine through from within… On the outside! #BlankStare lol

IMG_2266-680x680 from


Nubian 1 & 2 Palette & Masquerade Palette13398458_811056655693562_276454041_n

I literally only found out about the Nubian palette a few months ago. As I have only watched about 2 tutorials using the palette I found myself to be Quite the LATE BLOOMER on the palette collection and even the company to bless the beauty world with them. 1st of all let me say the NAME…. THE NAME…. Nubia, Nubian both African in origin literally makes you sit up a little straighter smile a little wider and feel a little deeper about self. I was in love with the name but Not sure if the palette was for me, well because of the neutralness of it. Let’s be honest I LOVE MY BRIGHTS TO A FAULT! It wasn’t until I saw (one of those 2 tutorials mentions earlier) that I saw the hidden color in the shades offered with the palette, that I was totally smitten and decided I needed to have this palette in my collection. These palettes really do have those peekaboo shades AND THAT EXCITING TO ME!


Masquerade Palette Juvias place


Masquerade Palette13381173_1622655504715756_1021942248_n

OMG So this palette from Juvias Place WILL CERTAINLY CURE MY NEED FOR bright colors for the summer. I honestly wasn’t too impressed with the Modern Renaissance palette in the shade department and I was excited about the Beauty Killer Palette Until I learned of the HORROR STORY known as Jeffree Star. I even purchased the stupid thing…. Which is 4 SALE BTW! Anywho I was totally set back to my normal state of excitement when I found out about the Masquerade palette. In my opinion this palette would MAKEUP for the Modern Renaissance Palette and the Disappointment of waitinghaving to dump the Beauty Killer Palette. So I have literally been PATIENTLY waiting for it without tantrums, even though they changed the release date from July 17 to Aug 5! I am 115% sure this palette is going to reset, reinvigorate and replenish my initial excitement about the summer. Yea I know its kinda late but for me summer keeps going at least until about October/November… Yea courtesy of the South. I’m waiting I decided to just buy ALL 3 AT ONCE AND have a happy celebration.


s1779511-main-zoomNext on my list would have to be the Guerlain L’OR Primer. Now this is a “makeup base sprinkled with 24 karat gold flakes” and is priced at a wopping $74. YES I SAID $74 that would come in a the most expensive products I would have purchased to date. Honestly I have been totally interested in the Gold Flakes… I mean DUH that’s why I’m interested but still. When I first saw it, it immediately sparked my interest. So much so that I went on the hunt for reviews and demos. I have seen a few reviews of this product over the past few weeks and I am convinced I would like to add this to my collection. I’m going to search other products with gold in them and I’ll probably try more than 1 to give me a complete idea of how it works feels and can be used on the skin and/or with makeup. So there are my wishlist items and I can say that these babies are going to be added to my ULTRA SLAY KIT in celebrity fashion. Whatever that means.


So what’s on your wishlist? Let me know down below. Do you have any of these items? If so how do you like them. Lets chat below and Until Next Time

~Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving~

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