Skindinavia Makeup Primer & Setting Spray

I’m really thrilled to let you know that I was given the opportunity to try out the Skindinavia makeup primer and Skindinavia Benefits of Product : Reviewsetting spray on the house!

For some time now I have been slightly interested in the product and most recently my curiosity has peeked to the point of purchase. However the day I went to the Skindinavia website to buy something … a faint whisper kept saying… Just wait… Just wait…. So I waited! Only to be happily surprised at the opportunity knocking at my door days later. I got an email from Octoly saying something about new products available to try. When I logged on …. Viola there it was! Freshly pressed and ready for me Skindinavia had just added their listing So naturally I applied. Without another thought I went on about my day. The following morning…. THERE IT WAS an email stating my Skindinavia shipment had been placed. Thus the product was on its way to me.

Not only did I literally save $50 but I also scored my first official product review. No it wasn’t sponsored but I did get the product for free! Cool with me!

Skindinavia Makeup Primer and Setting Spray Review

So lets talk about the product shall we….

A few Benefits of Using Skindinavia Makeup Primer and Setting Spray

First off I really wanted to be able to provide a full and detailed review, So I thought it would be great to try the Primer/Setting spray with more than one foundation, because come on lets just be honest some products work better in conjunction with other specific products. I decided to give it a try with a few drugstore foundations, High End Foundation trial to come later, But for now lets talk about what I did use it with.

I really do happen to love the Revlon Color Stay Foundation when it comes to wear and being matte all day So what better foundation to start with than this.

When I first try products I really like to try them alone without other products that would enhance their powers. So for the first time I sprayed the Skindinavia Primer Spray on my clear bare face just prior to applying my foundation. I noticed that as I sprayed the primer onto my face the sprayer was very light and airy. The sprayer was a perfect mist. After applying foundation I completed my makeup with the Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray for Oil Control. The sprayer was exactly the same which I love!

Let me just say…. For the Revlon Color Stay Skindinavia duo… The foundation lasted and went NOWHERE! The foundation was LITERALLY PLASTERED ON MY FACE! I had to use oil to remove it because it was stuck! So for heavy makeup enthusiasts THIS IS COMBO IS PROBABLY PERFECT! The product set the makeup in place, it lasted and did not budge once completed. It really was a perfect combo for the days you really need your foundation to stay put! All though this combo was so REAL I found myself not being a fan of the PLASTER IJS it was a little extra during take off. But if you need hold… IT WORKS!

So the next Combo I tried was the Black Opal Foundation Stick with the Skindinavia Makeup Primer/Setting Spray set. Out of the 4 combos this was my least favorite regarding oil control and I love the foundation alone but it simply did no justice to use the Skindinavia Primer and Setting spray because it just didn’t work well together. However I did use this foundation with another primer and it seemed to work well together.
Black Opal Beauty
After using the Black Opal Foundation Stick with the Skindinavia I kinda got a good idea of how the product worked. It was at this point that I knew with 100% certainty that the Primer/Setting Spray would work PERFECTLY with Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I immediately began to apply the primer spray, followed by my FIT Me foundation (This is the original formula btw not matte and poreless).

Out of all the combinations put together THIS WAS THE BEST! Skindinavia and FIT ME happened to be the best combination because the oil control was in full effect the foundation lasted for a long time and when it came to take off I didn’t need a scraper to remove it.


After the Fit Me Skindinavia Combo I actually tried another foundation following my initial review *see below*

I used this primer/setting spray set with my Sephora 10 hour wear foundation. I can also say that this was a really good match up! I liked the wear of this combo as well because I wore this combo outside in the heat. Now I will say that by the end of the night I had no foundation on my nose but I know for sure it had been HOURS UPON HOURS since I had first applied the foundation.

In conclusion I will have to give the Skindinavia Primer/Setting Spray Oil Control Set a 4 out of 5 due to the fact that this product failed Miserably with the Black Opal foundation stick. I will however update this post following another try with the Black Opal Foundation in case I was just have a bad face day! You know what I mean. I do find that this set is worth having in your collection and I find it to be a must have for ever makeup guru to try. I really feel that every beauty enthusiast will make this a staple product in their collection.

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    1. Hi! Yes Absolutely I am out of town but Lived in FLORIDA for 10 years I KNOW exactly what you’re talking about! Yes I have tried a few other primers I will actually be using them in a few posts to come. I want to give a new spray a try again before I give a review on it But I really think it will be a good one. Thanks so much for joining the conversation xoxo

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