All About That Modern Renaissance Palette

So Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with a new palette righttt……. So yea I bought it! Mainly so I could share it with you… ya know and give you the skinny emoji

Anywho You may already know ALL THE DEETS, but just in case you missed it let me break it down for you.



  • 14 Shades- 10 Ultra Matte, 3 Shimmer, 1 Satin Sheen
  • Large 5 1/2″ Mirror
  • Duo Eyeshadow Brush
  • Magnetic Case
  • Velvety Standard ABH palette size
  • .07g/.02 oz pan size


I’ve had this palette for a week now, which gave me time to play around a little bit. (Swatch Images and Video Down Below)

The Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills is certainly perfect for the girl who loves toned down colors, but with a touch of glitter. There are 2 colors in this palette that will brighten up your look but for the most part there are a good deal of blendable transition shades (about 5-6 for lighter skin tones and 3-4 for deeper skin toners).

The pigmentation is good as the colors showed true to color on my brown skin without a light base; Which in my opinion with a $42 price tag shouldn’t be in question… Butcha never know! Shades were smooth and not chalky SN: I’d only hope that would be the case, lest this palette retire to some dark room under a massive collection of returns or rejected items<END SN>  *IMPORTANT*

I don’t consider myself to be someone who would be ok with wasting my money Just to satrippin1I GOT that new ABH palette. <See Meme To the Right>

I’m not that big of a Fan!



The price of this palette has seen a $7 increase from the previous Self-Made Palette, however the shadow pans do appear to be a tiny bit larger in the new Modern Renaissance Palette.


My Thoughts

I don’t have some grand epiphany of a review to share. The ABH Modern Renaissance Palette has a few good shades, good pigmentation with poor innovation.

TO BE HONEST when I saw this palette it didn’t grab my eye. It looked like another regular palette and that’s it! If you’re a neutral tone girl this may tickle your fancy, but for me I would have liked to see more pops of color and shades that complement each other, but that weren’t so similar they almost aren’t different colors. That all came out negatively, but I wasn’t totally impressed.cattHISIT! The more I use the palette the more confused I get…. THIS IS THEIR SUMMER PALETTE!??!?! I mean out of the 14 colors my eyes gravitate towards only 3-4 shades the rest are faint after thoughts. If you’re an ABH or neutral girl by all means you should grab it, BUT If you’re a girl who loves pops of vibrant color to complete your summer mojo…. THIS AIN’T IT!

Beyond the artist palette I can honestly say I’m just not that impressed by ABH’s latest palettes.

Was it a good buy??? That’s debatable and purely preferential.

Do I like the color selection???  …. It doesn’t vibe with me this Summer maybe I’ll like it for fall/winter.

Would I buy this palette again??? … No!

Would I recommend this palette??? ….. I would recommend this palette for neutral tone girls. If you like muted, earthy neutral warm shades this may be just what you need, BUT if you like lots of vibrant colors …………. Keep looking ladies nothing to see here, This ain’t what you lookin for!

Final Thoughts



Why would ABH release such a summerless palette in the summer, when many of us live for the summer and all its festivities?!?!? Ok Maybe <<<that was harsh, BUT seriously ABH!!!????!!??? SERIOUSLY …

But for real the palette was ok for a neutral tones palette. Not much for new shades many are regurgitated colors we’ve all seen before. I will say that Realgar and Love Letter are good colors to have and you can highlight with Primavera and Vermeer. All in all I think this would have been better at the previous ABH price point of $35 I think $42 just isn’t a good buy when Morphe Brushes has the Frost Palette for $23 with comparable quality. Or maybe I’m just not that impressed. Either way I would give this palette about a 3 out of 5 for the reasons mentioned above about the lack of innovation and bright girl friendly shades.

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Well that’s All Folks! Until Next time

~Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving ~

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