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Sephora Marc Jacobs beauty insider gift

For my birthday I pretty much hit up the few places I knew I could get some birthday love from: Ihop… Free Pancake, Dunkin Donuts…Free hot chocolate, Sephora, Ulta and unfortunately that's the end of my tired list of freebies given. Hopefully by next year I would have extended that list so you all know where to go for the Ultimate Birthday Crown Kit. Hosted by Free99 stores near you. So aside from the few edible freebie I was sure to snag a few exciting products from the makeup haven's Sephora and Ulta.


So when I went to Ulta on my birthday I was expecting to getBare Minerals Moxie Lipgloss the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. Much to my disappointment when I showed up they had RUN OUT! However the girl at the checkout counter offered to give me a lip gloss to “Hold Me Over” until they received their shipment of the birthday mascara. I was certain to have her Clarify what “Hold You over” meant so as not to get geeked about actually being able to get that mascara I had been So hoping for ALL MONTH! Of course it meant what I'd hoped “Call us next week on Monday to confirm we've restocked” at that I gladly strolled away with my Anastasia dip brow (Not Free) and my Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss named Birthday Babe. It was fitting and perfect. On the following Monday which was a few days ago, At first thought  I promptly called mid morning to confirm the new delivery had arrived. Affirmative so later at night I strolled in to Ulta and picked up my Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Birthday gift. After a slight delay, a mix up about coupons and emails I finally walked away with my prize! Until now I had never owned or purchased any benefit products, so now I can be properly introduced to the line without feeling I'm taking some major risk of time and money gone down the drain on subpar products.
Benefit roller lash deluxe sampleUlta birthday gift

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So because I'm only a beauty insider and not a VIB member I get only 1 gift from Sephora… Womp Womp, but thats okay 1 is better than 0, plus the gift more than makes up for the lack of options. Sephora's gift process was a bit easier because I ended up going online to place an order. No coupon mix up, no waiting in line or being sent away without the 1 thing you so joyously hoped to acquire.  There were only 2 options, I can't totally remember the 1st option, but it was something like skin care or something like that. I quickly decided a week prior to my birthday it was going to be the Marc Jacobs Lipstick and liner set available… Didn't take 2 heartbeats to figure that out. Anyhow I ended up ordering a few other things that day. Find out what on my “Birthday Haul”  post. . So the Marc Jacobs set included Kiss Kiss Bang Bang #216 mini lipstick and Blacquer Highliner Gel Crayon. I haven't tried it yet but I'll be sure to post at least the look when I do. Of course I will probably post a video tutorial using these products very soon. For now check out the picture and Thanks for stopping by.Sephora Marc Jacobs beauty insider gift

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