How To Clean and Sanitize Makeup Brushes without Brush Cleaner

How to Cleanse and Sanitize your makeup brushes without brush cleaner

So we all know there are times when we run out of brush cleaner or… our brushes are war survivors. At times we are always on our game with cleaning and other times, We simply Dread the thought of cleaning our makeup brushes. For one reason or another it has to be done! Today I’m going to share with you a few quick tips on how to cleanse and sanitize your makeup brushes even when you’ve run out of makeup brush cleaner.

Cleaning and Sanitizing your makeup brushes is extremely important. Your brushes can carry bacteria that can cause acne breakouts for all skin types. Any brushes that are used close to the eye can cause pink eye or conjungtivitis if this bacteria gets into your eyes. We don’t want breakouts or anything obstructing our health. So keeping our makeup and brushes clean and sanitized, is very important.

To complete the task of cleansing and sanitizing your makeup brushes here’s what you’ll need:

Oil of choice (Olive, Vegetable, Canola)

Isoprophly Alcohol

Dirty Brushes

Liquid Soap or body wash of Choice

Paper Towel

Cup and/or bowl

Sink Water


So now that you have all your materials together lets get started! In preparation here’s what we’re going to do. Get a cup or a bowl/mug pour the alcohol in it and set aside. Next grab a clear bowl or a cup and pour a bit of oil in it! Next take a strip of paper towel and fold it 2 times making a square shape. Finally, tear off 3-4 paper towels and lay down on couter top. Now all prep work is complete.


Step 1: Taking a square folded paper towel, Dip a brush in the bowl/cup of oil. Using the paper towel swirl the brush onto the paper towel until there is no longer any product coming off of the brush.

**Oil is perfect for breaking down makeup grime Quickly! The product simply slides off of the brush! **

Step 2: Now that you have broken down and removed any built up product with oil, take a dime size amount of soap place on palm of hand. Using hot water dip brush in hot running water and begin to clean the brush by swirling it around the palm of your hand. Clean the brush by swirling onto the palm of hand, squeezing the brush tip and running through water to fully cleanse brush. After the brush is clean move on to step 3.

Step 3: Now that the brush has been cleansed of all its product build up it is time to sanitize. Dip the brush in the alcohol or let it sit in the alcohol (For really dirty brushes). Use your discretion to decide how long the brush should be in the alcohol.

Step 4: After sanitizing your brush. Allow the brush to air dry on a towel or paper towel.

Step 5: Use your brushes to create that beautiful beat face!


Now that you know how to Cleanse your brushes with or without store bought brush cleaner there’s no excuse to have dirty brushes hanging around.

**Quick Tip: Its a great idea to clean your brushes immediately after use. By making this a part of your makeup routine you will 1. Always have clean brushes and 2. Never have product build up on your brushes eliminating the possibility of baterial growth.              xo


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