Welcome to The Beginning of Your Best Years

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So its the New Year, and I realize my blog really SUCKS! So I've decided that instead of holding myself to this strict rule of Beauty content ONLY, I'm gonna also take some time just to write. Use this blog for its intended purpose… to share my thoughts, and with this new name it says so much about me. Vicariously….. That word says so much without saying much  at all. I love creativity, I'm passionate about exploring life to the fullest, Yet in some cases I have yet to explore my greatest desires. So I've decided to get back to me… The 1 who lives from her heart and not from the conscience of others. People try so hard to fit in that they forget that fitting in is what makes them so… ordinary. I have no problem standing alone and do what I do best Be me! Like it or love it I'm not here to please anyone but me. Now if I happen to make a few friends, or make someone happy by just being me, Well then they are the 1's I stand with and for. Those who understand that we all have a gift… Or many, but whatever that gift is, its meant to be shared… unfiltered no chaser, And that is what I intend… That's what I WILL DO!

At the end of this month I'm going to turn 30. I can say I'm super excited. Its a new milestone and I'm ready to take it on. I welcome my years and growth, I embrace a new decade of joy and I relish in the idea that to me 30  means I'm still young even though everyone else cringes at the number as if life does not go on or life simply caves in and then you die! I'm totally fine with where I'm going in life, because I know no one's gonna take me there except me and I have it all mapped out. With setbacks and minor detours planned and countered. I'm so ready for this new space and time in my life I'm ready to move forward with all my ambitions no holds bar.

Happy New Year Welcome to the beginning of your best years.



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