How To Pick What your Girl Really WANTS For Christmas

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Now that Christmas is over, there’s no pressure and you’ve already either gotten what she really wanted or… “You Shouldn’t have” Lets Talk Gift giving! For the traditional girl the reality of the matter is… We want what everybody else wants, The Good Life. Why shouldn’t we have it??? Of course we want the newest threads, the hottest bag and a hunk of goodness on our arm to share and show it off with, and Yes, we want the latest gadgets. Lets keep it real, No one wants to be walking around looking like a charity case. That’s fact! UNLESS you’re a perfectly happy homeless person an then… Just disregard that last statement.

Side Note

But on a more serious note this is just being real with you. Everybody likes to talk a good game “Oh I’m into materialistic things and money, doesn’t matter to me!” They’re Lying! Maybe that’s not the most important thing to them But you can’t get the things you NEED without money. And Everyone buys clothes, shoes, accessories etc. Lets face it if you were about to be thrown out or even if you have been walking around with a 2001 flip phone chances are you’re either hiding it or you’re saving your chips to get a new more socially acceptable phone.

Money is the way you get the things you need and want to live a more comfortable life. So at this point in my life I’m totally comfortable and confident in saying, money, collateral, asset etc are definitely important AND anyone who says it isn’t is an idiot!


Anywho of course your girl wants that new Chanel Bag, the new iPhone 11 and that new space rider on 38″ rims with the metallic paint and gold/chrome trim. That’s just what it is but your JOB as a man or a woman is to figure out not only what your significant other (S.O) wants, but What They Need…… Then you’ll have the best of both worlds. Besides the more  surface wants of materialist things… there’s always something deeper your S.O. needs, and that’s what you want to fulfill in order to have bond worth having.

Example: Your S.O. is constantly on the go. Now there seems to be a lot of hostility or aggression from your partner.

Red pill blue pill 1

Which pill you decide should NOT be about you or your wants, but should be about your love and what they need.


Example: You S.O. has recently lost someone in their lives. They may appear fin on the outside but you find your S.O. unusually stale and quiet or on the flip side extra jittery and busy.

Gift options for someone in distress

The trick here is to know your love. To understand your partner, is the best way to figure out what they want or in this case… Need. Everyone grieves differently so think about what makes your love tick and sometimes if you have to… Just ASK!


Example: You and your S.O.  have been together for a while and he/she has everything

Gift giving ideas christmas 2015OR     Holiday gift giving ideas

The purpose is to give of yourself something that is unattainable to the normal person. Your S.O. is your S.O. for a reason. Keep it and make it special. Reconnecting your hearts, love and if applicable souls, is what makes all the physical gifts so much more special.


SO what do girls really want for Christmas??? A man who understand that the emotional, mental and physical nurturing and support is he best way to make the material things worth while. Women really want you to care, to love and to be the bond that never breaks… +That new Chanel Bag. ;~)

Stay Healthy Happy And Always Loving

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