How To DIY Hot Oil Treatment for All Hair Textures

Today I will share with you how I did a Hot Oil Treatment for my natural kinky curly hair. This hot oil treatment is for all hair textures and does not exclude anyone. This is an amazing treatment for chemically processed hair as well. The only difference is depending on the texture of your hair you increase/decrease the amount of oil used. This treatment will make any hair texture bounce back with a vigor for life. I used Jamaican Black castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, aloe leaf gel and coconut oil. All of which are great home remedies for dry itchy scalp, alopecia, eczema etc etc. This treatment serves to coat the hair for protection against harsh environmental exposure. The oil based coating applied to the hair with this treatment, keeps the hair sealed and protected. I rinsed the treatment out in cool water and applied a deep conditioning hair masque after this oil treatment. If you would prefer not to have oil left on your hair I would suggest rinsing with Warm-hot water the using cool water if you take the optional step to wash and/or condition your hair.  You may wash and/or condition your hair following this treatment as normal and style as normal.

What I used for this Hot Oil Treatment:
Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Pure Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf Gel

Video Tutorial Below

Step 1: Fill a Pot or Pan with About 1-3 Cups of Water. Heat on Medium Heat.
Step 2: Combine Desired Oils for the Treatment. I Decided to Use Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Pure Fresh Aloe Leaf Gel
Step 3: Place Ingredients in Color Applicator Bottle and Place in Water. Let Sit Until Water Begins to Boil.
Step 4: When the Water Begins to Boil and Oils Are Warm-Hot. Remove the Bottle from Pot. *Don’t Forget to Turn Off the Heat.
Step 5: Use the Color Applicator Bottle to Apply the Oil to the Scalp. Massage the Oil into the Scalp. Take Your Time and Allow the Ingredients to Penetrate the Scalp.
Step 6: Rinse Oils Out of the Hair. Optional: Co-Wash or Shampoo the Hair if Desired. Style as Usual.

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