He Smiled

Today is such a special day! A bitter sweet moment must come to pass. More sweet than bitter. Sweet because my baby is crossing over to a new journey moving forward into a new world of independence, just a tad bit sour because now my youngest child no longer depends on me and I can no longer depend on him. My youngest son… A true TRUE Blessing to me in my darkest days. I know that this child was born  weeks early because my body could no longer bear the burden, but also because his light needed to shine on my darkest night. I needed light I needed something just 1 thing to help me see that all was not lost. Through my youngest son, I learned to smile. I learned to smile because it really wasn't that bad.

My son was my savior. He saved me from a lifetime of cold animosity, from a world of the deepest hatred that could summon forth from the earth. My youngest son saved me from burying a man in the bowls and depths of the earth. With just 1 smile, my whole life changed. From a place of anger, hurt, resentment and honestly plain ole disgust I was restored. Though not completely and fully healed with that moment I realized the sun will still shine after the rain. Causing rainbows of which you gaze upon in awe. Causing life to be put back together like the pieces of a puzzle ever so gently. Ever so lightly, delicately and lovingly picking up the pieces of a pure broken heart.

I was shattered, not because I could never see it done, but because he said he would never do it… And I believed it. Didn't believe it because I was stupid I believed it because I had faith that love would concur all. My faith was un-waivered for so long and finally my faith was severed. Not because I no longer believed but because you didn't even try. How could I be made to love such a man as would so easily deceive and betray me… when all I could think of and do was everything to please you. And my mother whispers in a mean undertone “You're not the exception.” You see I didn't believe I was the exception to the rule because I am better than any of you but I truly believed that when love was real it couldn't be torn apart, and at the right moment strength and light shows up… You know always on time!  Something many nowadays just don't believe in and I was starting to understand why until…… He smiled.

The smile that touched my heart so innocently in a moment when I was broken, I was shattered so torn apart, is the exact same light I had faith in before my love broke the oath. You see my faith was un-waivered for so long they had to shake the cosmos. Tried to break and shake me but they have no control on what I ultimately see.

Instead of seeing the burden of a unwanted child. I saw the smile that saved me from so many bad things. Today we graduate from a state of being dependent to a place of independence. New, fresh, exciting, scary yet necessary! Now we can both move forward he to become a great man me to continuing in my own right the great woman I have become. To uplift while being pushed down, to be supportive while being unsupported, remaining faithful and true in the midst of lies and deceit. I have accomplished these things but I am now READY to embark upon my future destined for greatness. I will let NO MAN NOR WOMAN STEP IN MY WAY. I will be sure to push myself forward to being and living in my own greatness and light because at the right moment I saw a smile.

A Word From The Author

~Life is about Triumph~

It was his smile that placed it all back into perspective for me. It was their pure being that gave me the strength to keep it going. All of my babies played an integral role in me getting back up and getting back in the game. My 3 children whom I love dearly are my pride and joy and I have to say that their innocence is what caused me to shake out of my sorrow and keep on going keep on moving keep on pushing.


My name is Shaqualah C. I am a mother of 3 wonderful children who are now all in school. Within the next year I have plans to embrace my journey to becoming a professional musician. This journey has been long awaited but I can no long extinguish my light for others to shine. I am a happy fun loving person. I'm honest and I don't really care what people think about me. I can only hope its good but if its not I'm not going to die. I will live on and make myself better than yesterday. I am a writer singer songwriter I rap love to dream of playing an instrument but have yet to learn. Boooo I am ready to share my song with the world. And the world will hear me cause there are a lot of things to be heard. Any who visit my music blog www.Qualah.com check out my youtube channel at http://www.Youtube.com/glamour143inc don't forget to like follow subscribe to all my social media and share my content with those you know love and those you think will enjoy it.

I am always looking for a new reason to laugh and smile. Never give up on life because there are so many wonderful things to see in life. Love is one of them. So from me to you

Stay Healthy Happy and ALWAY Loving!!!


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