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Hey guys So today July  6, 2015 I went to Westfield Mall near me. I initially went just to have some mommy daughter time, I didn’t have plans to purchase anything… but we all know how that usually goes. I must admit I am a bit of a ShopAholic ShopQueen

By default… It’s hereditary! Lol yes I am blaming my shopping love (ahem habit) on genetics. Anyhow I was going to just enjoy my time with my daughter who has been asking me for 3 days straight was it the day we were to spend together. Finally today was that day!

First stop……. sephora1 So Walking into the main entrance I always take a slight right straight for Sephora. I mean its right there why not stop there first!?!?! Hmm…

Ok So stopping in at Sephora there is always excitement. I walked in took a left after a bit and stopped at the Nars Counter Checked out Benares again… Well On June 3rd I went to Sephora and purchased Orgasm Multiple Stick, Super Orgasm Blush, Urban Decay’s Intergalactic and Glitter Rock (Pictures down below).  So today I wanted to hang out again and check out foundation. Swimming… I swim all the time. I love to swim it is my favorite summer pass time. With that being the case I have a tan…. Boing!!! Yes Black people can get tan’s too! I have gotten darker because I spend time at the pool all the time. I have been swimming every other day. Darker foundation is a Must! So in June when I went to Sephora Benares was not the business… But today… It actually looked alright! I didn’t end up getting that I actually walked out with Chocolate By Sephora When I tried it on it was Such a perfect match that I knew instantly it was right for me.

Sephora Liquid Foundation Sephora Bottom of bottle

Prior to picking out this, Hopefully perfect shade, I stood around for what seemed like… to my daughter I’m sure, an hour trying on several of Sephora’s eye shadows of which are many and very pretty. I finally selected 2 out of the many in hopes of getting the Free Palette advertised near the eye shadow pots. Sadly no free gift for me.. Boo Hoo, but I happened to walk out with a few shiny tokens that I’m totally satisfied with. Lucky Penny and Apple Mojito. Lucky penny being of course copper like in shade and shimmery in effect though not quite the shimmer I was ultimately hoping for. But it was the choice I had. Apple Mojito on the other hand appears to be a Granny Smith apple color yet the pay off for my brown skin isn’t so much lime or green as it is a beautiful every glowy glistening golden shimmery. After swatching the color I was initially disappointed that its green shown no more on me than ivory shows on Taylor Swift, But ultimately it wasn’t the color payoff that won me over it was indeed that glistening golden glow that I couldn’t turn my back on.

Sephora Eyeshadows

Lucky Penny Eye shadow by sephora

Apple Mojito Sephora Eye shadow

Just prior to leaving I snagged up a few of Sephora’s liquid eyeliners which have kind of an irredescence effect to them. Not much to say there. I’ll have to try it out and show you but here’s a quick pic of them.

Sephora Liquid Eyeliner

So I figured I’d also share my buys from my June 3rd, trip to Sephora(Video with swatches after the post). Although I have a video showing these items I thought it would be worth the time to share it here with you too. So on June 3rd I went and spent at least 2 hours walkng around trying products swatching foundations, eyeliners, eyeshadows, cleaning them off and doing it all over again. I happen to be a very slow shopper. For starters I hate to be rushed… I don’t use the word or experience the feeling much at all but among the very few and I mean few like 3 thing that I dislike with a passion, being RUSHED… IS ONE OF EM!!!! hated-itI hated it when I was younger and I still don’t like it Now!!! So when I shop I take my Sweet Ass Strawberry Time!!! Because I wanna get what I want and I don’t wanna get what I don’t want! I’m not going to come in your store buy a whole buncha ish real quick then return it in a few days cause I ^^^ Referencing the image above >>>Hated It! Ijs I’m not like that I get what I really want and leave happy But if I feel rushed I get agitated. Anyhow the moral of the story is I took my Strawberry Sweet ass time and walked out with a few products I LOVED. Here they are….

Nars Multiples Orgasm $39

Nars Orgasm Multiples Stick

Urban Decay Moondust Eye Shadow Glitter Rock & Intergalactic $20 Each

Urban Decay Glitter Rock

Urban Decay Intergalactic Eye shadow

Nars Super Orgasm Blush $30

Nars Super Orgasm Blush

So after Sephora I took a trip down and stopped in H&M. There I found satisfying deals that I happened to grab a few cute things that I both liked and needed.

H&M Accessories

I spent about 1 hour in H&M and found myself totally staring at items while deliberating which ones to get. After finding several cute items for my daughter who was blissfully texting Kid's wear 2away on my cell phone, I decided to walk around and see what else I could find.  As I searched around I found there were other great deals going on. A short lived search… something caught my eye. Immediately, as my eyes slowly descended to the items on the rack below the heavenly sign of 4 for $10 I recognized without a second guess, they were TANK TOPS!!!! Glancing around I began to notice other exciting signs with the exact message that sparked my interest on the rack standing before me. 4 for $10, 4 for 10 everywhere! T-shirts, Tank Tops, Crop Tops, all for the blessed price of 4 for $10. I was in tank top heaven. Without hesitation I began to sifting through the terrible mess of clothes strewn across the rack like towels hanging to dry. Although it was messy, and I can’t say that I approved of the mess, I can now understand why. At the time I really hadn’t grasped the idea of what had actually occurred in the store. H&M had been raided! With this incredible offer I surely understood as I began to find my size, match tank tops to spaghetti strap, spaghetti straps with crop tops all in hops of extending my wardrobe with the wonderful sight of colorful vibrantly hued TANK TOPS. I am bit of a tank top nut! I can’t say its my strong point either. I’m a product of the White tee epidemic and I have held on to my love of tank tops with clenched fists’ and I honestly don’t see me releasing the style anytime soon. Its my staple piece. A cute tank top with some jeans and all white sneakers or even some cute sandals… I’m good to go! Not to say that I can’t, don’t or wont switch it up but when I’m dressing comfortably I am more than likely gonna grab me a tank and roll! Anyhow H&M gave me the option to get all the tanks I wanted with matching or mix matching spaghetti straps and crop tops. So that for me was perfect! So I walked out with…..

What a Deal!!!

Now! For a few weeks now or a month rather. I have been literally dreaming about these shoes. Although the other pair I was interested in were sold out in my size I managed to get this shoe in my size and leave a happy customer.

A'Gaci Denim Shoes

Ironically enough the moment I stepped into A’Gaci I instantly noticed that the mannequin on the ledge was wearing something quite familiar. About 2-3 months ago I purchased a skirt just gorgeous. Well not knowing there was anything remotely similar let alone matching the skirt I bought it happy to pair it with a cute blouse and some heels, wedges or sandal/pumps… I was ready! Anyhow imagine the excitement, surprise, and pure joy I felt upon entering the establishment when I saw the exact same pattern on a blazer hugging the mannequin. I stared for a few seconds recognized the pattern and proceeded to find the blazer matching the mannequin. I was right SPOT ON!!!! So I didn’t get those lovely irredescent pumps, but I did get a complete surprise with the blazer.


Cute Crop Top

The Crop Top

So I’m not much of a crop top guru but Im pretty sure this one here>>>>>>>> makes the cut of cute tops for the summer! When I saw it… and its price $6.54 I was really taken. I love the graphic print and even the look of it. Haven’t tried it on yet but it looks as if it cups the breast and fits snug though not too tight. So I snagged this knowing I would throw it in my closet waiting for that perfect flat tummy day… You know what I’m talking about!

Well that completes my Mommy Daughter day haul. Hope you enjoyed it and until next time

Stay Healthy Happy and ALWAYS LOVING


Oh If you wanna Watch my June 3rd haul and see swatches check it out Right here this is Part 3 of a Massive Mega Haul Visit My youtube channel for the rest. Don’t forget to subscribe!



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