Hair & Face of the Day: Short Bob On Medium Length Natural Hair + Blue Makeup Look

Hey Everybody so today I decided to try a short bob on my medium length natural hair… Whut?!?!? You may be thinking but I promise you it turned out quite cute!

So for starters I must say that I had my hair in 6-8 plaits from yesterdays wash and detangle session. YES I TAKE A WHOLE DAY TO WASH/DETANGLE MY HAIR. Well Not Really I just washed it, detangled and plaited it. Takes about an hour to complete the whole ordeal. So when going in for the hair style today my hair was basically, a braid out. Which was actually on purpose…. I couldn't imagine trying this on my fro, cue horror music… Maybe I'll try it next time.

Anyhow so I took out my plaits using L'Oreal smooth intense Frizz Taming Serum(Got it from wally world). I used this to give shine and hopefully, as a frizz be gone solution. Did it work??? I guess so!

Ok so following that I just basically styled it by a lot of fluffing, separating, you know finessing. The I took the hair in the back and pinned it up with bobby pins to make it look shorter than it really is. Right now my hair is at that weird stage where it's not short, but not really long either. That's kinda annoying, but never fret I got tricks up my sleeve for that. I did all this and I ended up with this! Oh and for the face I used my 120 Palette #1 My Maybelline FIT Me Liquid Foundation, Ruby Kiss Matte Lip Lacquer in Pool Party, Kleancolor Eye Pencil in Midnight Blue as lip liner, NYX Blue Mascara. No Lashes today.

So I hope you guys enjoy the look. I had fun doing it and taking pictures… so many pictures. Lol. Tutorial for the hair coming up SOON!


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