4 Ways To Live A Happier Life How To Be Happy

So I often find myself wanting to just speak. To speak about life about love about things I believe and feel. In essence I suppose that’s the reason I created thing blog. Yes of course I have a creative spirit and always find things to create. To keep me busy, to express my feelings, to gather my thoughts, even to plan, but I truly deeply know that this for me has a greater purpose. As stronger more beneficial reason, A reason that reaches beyond me, that soars high about the limits of mediocre thinking and pronounces a gift that I have. One of the best ways for me to express this is through my music. I sing, I write, I dance, I even RAP! Music has to me always been an integral part of me. Writing has always been a part of me. This is my avenue, my street, my town, my country. Writing, Singing Dancing being me this is how I will create a better way for you and me.

I decided today to share… Share a thought. Share an idea. Share a way of thinking with YOU.

Be Happier With these 4 tips on how you can improve your life. I am all about self improvement and being the best version of yourself. It’s very important that you notice I said the best version of YOURSELF! Something I forgot to mention in this video is that you should never look to, wish to, or hope to be someone else… YOU WILL ALWAYS FALL SHORT! Be who you are and be better at being you.

1. Do What You Wanna Do

By doing what you wanna do I mean making choices for yourself that creates the opportunity for you to live a fuller happier life. I don’t mean making selfish choices that harm others! Your choices should not create hardships for others. However you should always make the strongest efforts to support your own happiness and make the choices that will benefit you in ways that no other person besides you can. This tip should not be taken lightly as many people myself included often makes choices and decisions to benefit every one else around you. Which can cause resentment within you and/or the people around you, and that can’t be good.

Live The Dream Glamour143 .jpg

2. Live The Dream

Do what ever it is that you love to do.  I LOVE MUSIC ALWAYS HAVE IT IS MY #1 PASSION! If you love to skate board, write, draw, count numbers, whatever live your dream. Everything is up for sale in America. I CAN LITERALLY SAY WITH CONVICTION, THAT YOU AN SELL ANYTHING IN AMERICA!!! So there is no reason why you can’t live your dream and make a living doing exactly what you love!

 3. Love More

Love is powerful. In 2013-2014 I really thought that society was getting the idea of love, down. And then I saw more brutal murders, more people going nuts and I saw that there is still yet MORE WORK TO BE DONE! Love is something of a phenomenon. I can not see myself turning my back on it. Sometime I get mad, sad all that yet I still land on love as my answer to ALL Hate Love I the Answer to bitter, love is the answer to fear…. But the problem is getting those who feel these reckless emotions to see it. ;~P but for now I can start with you. If you are here for it I will give it and show you how to give it. Just spread it. With a smile, with a hug, with a simple hello. Change your attitude and get happy with these steps.

Smile A be happier

4. Be More Supportive

When you are supportive of other you will in return get support in return. There are times when the people we are supportive of, that they aren’t supportive of us when we need it. In those cases find new people to be a part of your network. If you are supporting people who in turn are unsupportive of you, you are engaging in a negative relationship. Seek out more positive relationships and be supportive and get supportive people around you to live a healthier happier more fulfilling life.

I truly hope that somewhere in you this message resonates and brings you a clear piece of evidence that life can and will be more!

Stay Healthy Happy and ALWAYS LOVING

Love Qualah

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