Irish Green Step By Step Nail Tutorial

Ok so, unknowingly the week before Saint Patrick’s Day I painted my nails green. I suppose I had seen the color green, for Saint Patrick’s day, and thought it would be a great nail color to try. So subconsciously unaware of Saint Patrick’s Day I painted my nails green. Towards the end of that week I realized that indeed Saint Patrick’s Day was upon us, and I decided to document it for you guys. So duh yea I know it is weeks later and you guys are probably like… This girl is ridiculous…. Never the less I really liked the color on my nails so I am here to share. Hey Sharing is caring right? No matter how late!

For this color/style I used 3 colors, 1 of which is a shimmery metallicy color with a green base and probably cannot be found in stores… Super no name brand things. :~) Hey Just go with it, Okay. Anyhow hopefully you will be able to find colors that match or are very similar to complete this look at home. Toodle Loo

SN: I watched Miss Meadow now I’m saying Toodle Loo.

Below you will find the steps to replicate this pretty yet simple nail tutorial. For this layered look I used:

Nail File

  1. NYC High Line Green #298
  2. Wild and Crazy Beatnik #W63
  3. Finger Paints: Margarita Mambo
  4. Top Coat of your choice

Green Nails Tutorial Picture 1

Green Nails Tutorial Picture 2

Green Nails Tutorial Picture 3

Well Ladies and Gentlemen Toodle Loo!!!

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