I Am The Blow Dry Queen

The Beauty of Blow Dried Hair


So on Thursday I did the fabulous to my hair! Now I know for most of you this may seem so silly and unexcitable but for me it was pure gold and gave an invigorating appeal to my hair. Not that I haven’t been but I’ve just been a bit bored and quite frankly I have been running away from the responsibility of dealing with my naturally curly/kinky hair. This feeling however, suddenly changed the week of my birthday when all of a sudden I had been blessed with creative inspiration to do my hair and design a few new styles. So anyhow in the process of attempting to create one of these new styles (which turned out to be an EPIC FAIL) I blow dried my hair! While for most people this may be a normal process of hair care but for me… Well I hadn’t, until this point blow dried my hair in about 3-4 years. Yes Really! I searched tirelessly for a properly fitting blow dryer extension, since my blow dryer is some cheap buy I picked up long ago when blow driers were not in my regimen, after purchasing and returning about 6 extensions I found one that worked at a local beauty supply chain! I wanted to blow dry my hair to make it easier to straighten. But before straightening it I wanted to try goddess braids. Well that didn’t workout, but I did LOVE THE BLOW OUT!


I wanted to share the results with you guys just for the hell of it. I was happy with the results and even got a white lady to give the sheesh look. Yes my hair was big and much like a lions mane, but its all me babe and I like it! I walked around for two days sing I whip hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth got a few complements and one look of horror, but ultimately it was all about me and how I styled my natural blow out.

I used Shea Butter (Yellow Unrefined) before, during, and after blow drying and I sectioned my hair off into 6 individual parts. I co-washed, detangled with my favorite detangler, and twisted my hair before blow drying. It took about 30-45 minutes total to finish, that’s including a few drink and phone breaks. Blow drying my hair is not a process that I am going to make a part of my regular regimen, but I will definitely use this method when it suits me. It does make styling much easier. So if a style calls for a blow out then to the dryer I shall go.

How often do you blow your hair? Please let me know what you think. Leave a comment and Join the discussion any time any place.

I Really Enjoyed my Blow Dried Hair IMG_20150130_0916221

Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and always Loving

Love Qualah

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