Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him and Her

Ok so Valentine’s Day is upon us and we need to figure out something for our special love interest. So here are a few ideas I have gathered for you to give your sweetie something to smile about. Happy shopping.


Gift’s For Your Wife

All women love a piece of jewelry so if you’re uncomfortable shopping Lingerie, save yourself the horror of having to go pick out a piece of a sexy suit and just stick with the easy stuff. DIAMONDS LOTS OF DIAMONDS!!! You ever heard the saying Diamonds are a girls best friend, well take heed my friends they are a close second best to the creator himself (Just a lil joke I thought up) Diamonds will make any girl smile. Don’t be a putz your wife not your mistress, JERK OFF!! Ahem back to our regularly scheduled program.





Let me tell you something. You give chocolates to your high school sweetheart let’s make this clear chocolates are nice, but not a first and only prize. There better be a gift basket with those things, OKAY!!! Yea yea I know some of you are probably thinking be grateful for what you get, or some don’t get anything well then they shouldn’t be putting out for some cheap ass who doesn’t know how to warm his girls heart. You gotta know your woman’s worth and you gotta know how to show her different ways that she means the most to you. Hell who knows maybe your girl absolutely adores chocolates and this totally works for her, but this ain’t a one size fits all kinda life so lets just get real and be honest here. Chocolates go great with jewelry and some roses. Thats all I’m tryna say!


Car_with_bow_on__111521artwA New Ride

Put THAT TAX REFUND TO WORK!!!! Now I know not all of you can just afford to walk up with a new ride every holiday, but if you are able to maybe put a down payment on a new ride that you will also enjoy why not get something your baby can enjoy for holidays to come. Lol I know many are thinking well that means I don’t have to buy anything for christmas, mother’s day, birthday … this will cover it all!!! Hold on there partner, now you still want to get something on those day’s but after buying her a car you can maybe get something simple, sweet, and/or practical such as a new handbag, new coat, new pair of pumps. Sweet and to point after your big car purchase. Happy shopping :~)





I think there are a great deal of women who love flowers/roses, however there are many who don’t, but I will still put this on the list as a gift option to give you an abundance of options that aren’t all more than a paycheck, i.e. don’t require a payment plan. Even for girls who don’t like flowers that much, unless their allergix, every once in a while a girl loves to get a bouquet full of smiles. Just buy the damn flowers that express her and watch that glow appear.



A New Smart Phone

If your girl is anything like me she likes to be up to date on the new gadgets, while I’ll admit I’ve been off my gadget game for quit a while I would love a new gadget surprise! Just make sure its not ugly and she’ll like it. If you’re having trouble ask her or someone who knows her style to help you figure out what to buy. Always, Always personalize. No girl wants to always get box made stuff make it fit her personality.

Smartphones and applications


day_spaSpa Day


Now this is something that many men miss. All gifts don’t have to be tangible items. A day at the spa can make any girl loose. LOL I’m sure that term will stir up a bit but its real. A day at the spa especially for busy mom’s would be a mini vacation. Hell for some it would be a life changing event. Too often women let themselves take the back burner. Let her know that you love her loving spirit, but that you want her to always be her best and she must care for herself in order to be that for you. There’s your card insert message right there. Let your lady know she deserves to be pampered because she pampers you all the time. Ahhhh Spa Day Love A Spa Day!!!



3 New Dresses

Valentine’s Is near the beginning of spring. It is my personal belief that every girl should have the choice to have a new spring dress to wear the moment the weather breaks. Buy your wife 3 spring dresses to save her from missing that perfect opportunity to wear a freeing dress on that day when the weather’s fine. I say three cause a girls gotta have options!



perfumes_1Perfume Fragrance

Perfume is a great way to gift your honey on this special day. Not too pricey and you can pick a good fragrance almost anywhere nowadays. Be sure to check her current collection to pick something that she will like and think outside of the box, get her something new just be sure it falls in line with the fragrances she currently owns. Thats a sure way to be successful in this kind of purchase.


By all means gentle men take the time to get to know your partner. For instance My husband knows not to show up with a mini van…. It’s just not my style of course I’d be grateful, but every chance I got I’d be searching for the perfect trade in, Save her the work, if you just know her then you could save you and her the embarrassment of taking back the lingerie you bought for a pair of fluffy sock… I’m just saying stuff like this happens you know! I’m sure she knows everything about you or has a great deal of knowledge into things you would appreciate. Learn your honey and shopping for her will be a breeze. You’ll be gifting her in no time with all the things she’ll love!

Gift Ideas for Men

Oohhh, ladies you thought this was all about us huh! Well it’s NOT! I’m a fair person. Here are a few things I think would be great gift options for your hubby and I will also ask my hubby for a few suggestions to make it more personal for a MAN!


New Gaming ConsolepSNYNA-PS490005_main_v786

Not all men are into gaming, but mine is so I know that on any given day if I walked into the house with a new console (No matter how much I will be kicking myself later) My husband would immediately begin to switch everything out, replacing the HDMI cable and placing the New Beakon of light in a Display case fashion right in the his direct view. I might get a thank you, a kiss, and butt slap, but it would be on a crackin’ for him. No doubt. So I suggest this as a gift option because if he’s going to like it why not buy it! Buying gifts is all about what the receiver will like not what you would like for them. If you have lay down some rules by all means But at least let him enjoy the first day drama free!



New Cologne

Yes this is on the list for a woman’s gift, but it A GREAT gift for your hubby too! Gives them options on staying so fresh and so clean and you can rarely go wrong with this kind of gift for a man! Unless your man is super picky in which case I will suggest that you preview all of his cologne collection and just buy something new but similar to what he already has.682M


011006_Men's-WatchesNew Watch

A new shiny watch with some of that bling is a gift that is both practical and desirable. You can get a clean watch with some diamonds or all gold or something like that and I’m sure he’s gonna like it! Even not so flashy men need to tell time! Get a great looking time piece and let your honey feel special for a change.


New Flat Screen

Well this is kinda old fashion but lets be real men still brag about the extra couple of inches in their screen even though every body has one. If you have the largest screen known to man go the next step further and just buy a projector and a slide down, 100 inch movie theater screen! No man would resist, even the most frugal of men would revel in delight at such an awesome gift from his baby! Ladies, you can’t go wrong here. Go for the inches the bigger the better! Doesn’t matter that you have a 10 inch wall and your trying to fit a 20 inch screen just get the screen! LOL



A Classic Car

Every man has his own ideas about what a genuinely wonderful classic car is. But let’s not be confused, most if not all men have a dream classic car that would take them back to the glory days! Find out what kinda classic you honey would love and let em have it. As long as you hubby riding in his glory days doesn’t send him riding with some other female LET HIM RIDE! Ride on Playa! Go for his favorite classic revamped or not and watch your man turn into a kid again. Nothing wrong with sharing the love. Men should have their rewards too! So share the gift of giving and watch the love grow!



Sexual Favor Coupon

So my husband says he would love to have a get out of jail free card so to speak. He said if he could get a coupon that allows him to get out of doing undesirable tasks at a time when he’s not feeling it. I think this is funny cuz he’s always griping about not wanting to do certain things especially if he hasn’t been fully warned and prepared for about 2 weeks prior to the event. Lol this was totally funny. You could also put a few coupons for on the spot sexual favors and any other fun stuff you can think of. I don’t know how this will go over with everybody’s hubby but fit was good for those who want to get creative, Oh and he told me to label this a struggle gift. Lol


New-BBQ-Grill-2A New Grill

Now there are a lot of men that won’t touch a stove with a 10 foot pole, well they are usually the same men who pride themselves on grilling food. So go to wal-mart, target, k-mart or something like that and splurge on a real grill that will give your man the urge to grill all summer long. Something to make him feel like he can let his inner cave man run free for a spell. You can also get a few nights break from cooking a meal. Just take all the veggies and sides he loves wrap in aluminum foil and throw on the grill. Happy Grilling!


New Rims, Stereo, and/or Car T.V. Monitors

So if your hubbies car doesn’t come standard with these add ons its really simple easy and becoming more affordable to add them on later down the line. Getting a new set of rims, new stereo, T.V. Monitors or all would make him feel extra cared for on a special day. And may also exempt you from buying too much stuff a little bit down the line. It’s a great time to get these specials for you honey.


New Surround Sound Systemsurround-sound-setup-5-1-vs-7-1

Watching all his favorite movies will be a must when he gets his new surround sound system installed. If you already have a large enough screen and want to give him something he will appreciate a surround sound system will be the perfect set it off gift that will reinvigorate his excitement about the big flat screen to begin with. Just be ready to re-watch all the same movies you’ve been hoping to avoid for the last 3 months. But hey now you will hear all those funny sounds you miss without the sounds of surround sound.


That’s All Folks! I one or more of these ideas work for you. Thanks for reading. Remember to stay healthy, stay happy, and always loving. Don’t forget to live, love laugh, Sing and Dance

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