My 3 Fav Shoes Right Now

My 3 Fav Shoe Picks

So its winter, even though it doesn’t snow here in Florida it does sometimes get a little bit chilly. So you have to have some kind of warm cover up shoes. Unfortunately I can’t walk around every day with sandals on. Over the last month I have 3 pairs of shoes that I have been wearing interchangeably and I thought it would be cool to share with you in this post a bit of my winter style picks. I usually don’t wear flats in this form but I was just taken by each pair when I saw them in the store. So I bought and have been enjoying these shoes ever since.

Gold and Black Sneakers – Made by Guess these shoes caught my eye back in December on a shopping trip to Burlington. When I saw them I was intrigued, when I tried them on I was taken, When I found a matching top I was in love and there was no way I would leave the store without my new pair of shoes.

My Fav Shoe Picks My Fav Shoe Picks

My Fav Shoe Picks1

My Fav Shoe Picks

Grey Studded Sneakers – By Steve Madden. First off I didn’t even know Madden made sneakers, but when I saw these runner ups on the same shopping trip to Burlington that day I thought they were cute enough to take home and make something of them. I liked the shoes but was mostly annoyed by the slightly dingy appearance of the outer soles. After looking at a few other pairs I found they all looked that way. So I bought them too. The only thing bad I have to say about these are they are very stiff around the ankle and sometimes hurt when I turn corners. Weird!

Rainbow Rhinestone Flats – By Nicole? These oh these they take the cake. These shoes were so pretty that when I saw them I tried NOT to buy them. After losing the battle to ignore them I found myself literally unable to leave the store without them after a successfully fitting. I walked around searching for a reason not to purchase them but could find no good reason. For starters I had, until that point, NO closed toed flats (Not 1), the weather was starting to get chilly and I needed something to cover my feet. I hadn’t purchased anything sparkly in quite a while! So I thought my husband couldn’t possibly be upset with me for finding totally awesome SPARKLY shoes “THAT I NEEDED”, I also hadn’t until that point, found any shoes that I could literally where at any occasion work, school, dinner, club whatever, plus they were insanely inexpensive. How could a husband, refuse such a well reasoned purchase? Well me and the shoes won, he saw my logic and the shoes were mine. (Psst…. They were mine anyway but don’t say anything) Anyway these shoes have been making a statement in my wardrobe. I am so in love with them, but I try not to wear them all the time, it’s just so hard!

MY Fav Shoe PicksMy Fav Shoe PicksMy Fav Shoe Picks

Well people there it is; these are my 3 favorite pair of shoes in my closet right now! I have been wearing the HELL OUT OF EM!!! I like them and a girls gotta feel good about the things she wears. Right!?!? Until next time stay healthy, happy, and always loving.

Author Shaqualah C. A.K.A. Qualah

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