My 3 Nail Color Picks Florida Edition

Florida Nail Picks

My 3 Nail Color Picks Florida Edition

Living in Central Florida we’re a little short on seasons. For me it’s AWESOME! I’m not much for the cold so I could live my life just fine without winter snow. Plus I can always visit cold places when I need to. With no major change in weather there are times when its easy to forget those winter themes and change of colors which is the only thing I miss about fall in northern states. With sun all year round I tend to bypass warm, dark winter colors. Plus I love bright colors anyway, always have. Anyhow with this in mind I decided to specify this nail post by locale,mine being Florida (Of course if you are not strictly into seasonal colors you can do this too).


royal (2)

nail 159.1

Royal Blue – Deep Blue is a color that I, for the better part of 14 years, have stayed clear of. When I was younger I always wore this color on my nails and toes. I recently had the idea of this color renewed for me when I saw the color in a magazine.

Colored Tips with nude base – I have been seeing this with a few ads and thought it was something I would like to try. This style has been used with different colors two that stick out are hot pink tip and silver tips(Not Shown Below). I like these trendy designs for any season but especially for now. Just after the new year running quickly into valentine’s these colors may pop up for you before you can blink.

Bluish Gray Tip Nude BaseGlittery Pink Tip with Nude base nail color

Diagonal Stripes – Taking two colors separated by a stripe in the middle. This is a fun design but can also fit into your office life. Not too busy, not too flashy but still gives you variety in your style directory. This design is simple and easy to do so go try it out and let me know what you think.

38015224a16da050819249d512627bdd Two-color-nail-polish-design

*BONUS PICK-So I was only going to do 3 but after going to the nail shop and choosing and unlikely color I realize I love this new pick more than I’d ever imagine. Pearl Nude, not quite white but not really clear…. Just right there in the middle, Shear!. This color is more of a natural looking color but its very classic and classy. I came across this color because I just wanted something quick. I intended to leave the nail salon and design my own nails so there was no reason to go crazy on color… its coming off in a matter of days. Now I find myself liking and featuring it on this post.

Nude Nail Color

So there you go friends my picks are colors that you can really wear all year round. I hope you know that even though I label these picks for Florida that they can still be your next trendy picks no matter where you are. Cold weather shouldn’t steal your desire to create fun, spunky nail designs.

Join me in the discussion Post a comment with your winter nail picks.

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