My Very Late Intro To this Year

After a long hiatus I have returned to my writing this year with a vengeance, well you know I mean with intense focus on documenting my areas of knowledge, expertise, concern and/or interest. Whatever there is that happens to come along in my adventurous mind. So far this year although I have yet to post them. I have done quite a bit of writing. Mostly about education. Some of you may know that for the past 10 years my life’s work and study has been focused in the area of Early Childhood Development. I have used my own children and life to survey and keep observations of anecdotal studies that interested me. I have been the Director of Operations in Early childhood settings as well as Owned my own home daycare which was very successful. Although this has been an area of interest for me for quite some time I find it’s not as fulfilling because it is not my best area of expression.

My 1st love is, will be, and always has been music and writing. I have been a writer since elementary age receiving honorable mention for essays in the sixth grade. I have been writing music (Lyrics) since I was 13 years old and have a large collection of my writings some dating back to 2000. I have been singing since 3 years old joining choir, school chorus’, dance classes where ever and when ever I could; and if the traditional setting wasn’t afforded me I would watch music videos with abundant choreography and learn the moves.(Youtube is great for that).

For a long time I battled with myself about being a musician. Religion, fear, economic status, familial status all obstacles that kept me from exploring the greater possibilities for me. The greatest challenge of all had been religion. From the age of 14 I was introduced to Islam. While I found beauty there I also found a lot of restraints and restrictions. I do believe in some aspects of life this is helpful and for some people it works best. But for me a creative spiritual outlet it is very restricting and almost steals the life from you. Over the past few years I have been transcending from that mindset. It has taken some time due to minor and major set backs but none the less progress is still being made.

I found that because music is such a natural love of mine and something that brings me peace, it was very illogical that I be prohibited from involving in it. Music is in my soul its a part of my spirit, and so essentially when you take me from music you take a little piece of me.

After realizing this I found my body was more open to the beauty of life altogether. It opened me up to the greater possibilities that are there in the universe waiting to be discovered. Along with the moral teaching that I still hold dear to me from my religious studies, I couldn’t turn away from the Power of the Universe, God, Allah. Jehovah its all the same, calling me to something greater. Calling me to an ultimate awareness that many of the people I know do not have and may never have. I started to realize that religion separates what is meant to be joined. Separation of this magnitude keeps conflict going. Among each other and amongst ourselves. That’s not the kind of life I have been living or want to live. I have been living in peace, in love, and in growth. These kinds of separation makes far too much room for hatred to grow and that I cannot allow in my life. Anyway when you take away the things that you love it could cause you to hate and resent the things that you have or at least not appreciate them as much. So I couldn’t bare to live my life in this way and not be true to myself. I couldn’t see myself without my 1st love.

So I said all that to say…. I have been writing and I have made the decision and have been preparing myself to move forward in my endeavors to reach my goals and live my life doing what I love(For quite some time now). My writings from now on won’t necessarily be based on any specific topic. But just on what’s ailing me or what’s on my mind. Of course I’m going to be writing beauty posts still but its not all the focus. Because lets face it life is so much more than just beauty. So I hope you guys are ready cause I already have a few posts going up soon that will hopefully be thought provoking. Further more I’d like to start seeing action. I am more of a mover and groover than just rant about it. I like results!!!

Happy New Year everybody it gonna be a doozy!

Peace Shaqualah C. a.k.a. Qualah

Oh 1 more thing. Don’t let the propaganda change your mind and set you back on race relations. Understand that the media sets out with an agenda on a cyclical basis that means it teaches you how to feel about people(be it right or wrong). Let the people in your life and the relationships you have help you determine how to feel about them. Not some person on the television who gets paid money to say these things to sway your view on what’s real.

I think religious people call it Slander and lawyers call it defamation. Think for yourself or you may be causing the wars you seek to extinguish.

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