3 Ways to Naturally Promote Faster Hair Growth

How to grow your hair longer and faster

Are you on a natural hair journey and just need the Deets on growing longer, stronger healthier hair in less time. Are you frustrated, seeing very little progress in your journey? Are you just wanting to find a few more ways to keep your healthy hair growing longer, and stronger with minimal effort? If you answered yes, you are in for a treat. As a girl with natural hair of my own to keep up with, I have tested and tried many methods to make my hair healthy and strong. I have made myself a human test subject to several of those time tested old wives tales of home remedies and natural quick fix ideas for healthy, hair growth and many other reasons. Today I have decided to share with you all, something of a little tasty snack for your hair follicles and growth. I will be sharing with you 3 ways to which I keep my hair growing faster longer and stronger.

Avocados help your hair grow and prevent spilt ends

1. Avocado

Not only are avocado’s really tasty they also pack many health benefits to include healthy hair. Avocados are packed with Vitamin A, B-6, C, K and several other vitamins/minerals to give this fruit a super food   title. One of the main things that I love about avocado’s is the ability it has to give my hair incredible shine and it helps repair damaged split ends. Even still that’s not the only thing that makes me a die hard fan of avocado for hair, or health for that matter! The best thing about avocado, for hair that is… Is It Promotes hair growth! Use this fruit in your hair by rubbing the mashed creamy flesh of it’s interior on your scalp.


Aloe Vera Has many health benefits 1 is healthier hair and scalp

2. Aloe Vera

After about a year I have decided to go back to using aloe in my hair. For about 2 years I used aloe vera in my hair. In 2 years time I saw tremendous growth…. More than the 6 inches per year that we are most accostumed to seeing in growth. My hair growth during the time of my regular use of aloe vera in hair, I saw at least twice the average growth per month. That means at minimum I saw 1 inch per month of hair growth during this time. I also noticed that I had NO Dandruff during the time I used aloe vera. In addition to use on my hair I also noticed weight lose and healthier skin when I used aloe. With all the benefits of Aloe vera I don’t see why we don’t use it more.

Castor Oil stimulates hair growth and has antifungal properties



3. Castor Oil

In March of 2014 I had some hair in the front of my head come out. It was a complete BALD spot. For 3 months I saw virtually No Growth! I was tired of not seeing any growth because I love to wear my hair up so I went to my trusty bottle of castor oil as well as using avocado and began treat my hair. Within 1 week I saw growth! 1 week! So now being 2 months later the spot is completely filled with new hair and it has been growing quite well as I am able to braid it and do ponytails again. You can view the video of the treatment here
You may also view the 1-2 week update here >>> http://youtu.be/L4P2NzSa2sE



If you have watched the videos then you know where I started. Here is a new picture of me…. As you can see the hair has grown back where there was previously none. This has every thing to do with the treatments (as my eating was pretty bad during this time). I saw absolutely no growth for 3 months or almost 3 months which is when I made the 1st video.

Stimulate your hair growth

In conclusion I have shared with you some of my knowledge from personal experience and from personal experiments. As I have previously stated I have used myself as a test subject for many many personal studies that I conduct in a way to create a healthier lifestyle for myself, my family and friends (most who don’t care) but never the less I do it to help. So with these experiments I have learned quite a bit about things we use, consume and live by and I have found that the BEST things are grown right outside and in turn are not manufactured in a factory. These 3 ways will help you create a healthy suitable environment for your hair to produce optimal growth in the course of a short period of time… Or rather a shorter period of time than if you chose not to use them. I hope in your natural hair journey that you will find a great love and appreciation for yourself as you are.

Rememeber Self Love Requires that you love all of you so no one else has too…. But they will


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