When it comes to Love Are Relationships Worth the Effort

Relationships can be greatTo Love OR Not Being in a Relationship

When it comes to relationships… They seem to be hit or miss. Either you have this world wind of a love affair or your doomed from the start. I often wonder why we as people subject ourselves to the insanities of another, Is it that love is our Kryptonite or is it the ideology that companionship eats away at our very core (making us feel that being alone is a horrible thing). As of late I am starting to think that maybe we subject ourselves to such horrible existences because we have been force fed the idea that (for women) you can’t live without a man, we must make haste to marriage and give up (in the eyes of men) our freedom. But why as women do we view this as a social status so to speak, why do we accept the dose of (what I now call “Load of Crap”) to be our only way to survival? Companionship is cool don’t get me wrong and when you have love it is the most wonderful drug, but really I mean come on!!!

In all honesty right now at this very moment I will say this when you are a truly devoted woman who puts her best foot forward regardless of the countless warning signs to turn around and run, we in the essence of the statement really and truly do, as women, give up our freedom to be married or in any relationship for that matter. The worst thing about it all is that many many men use this term (Give up your freedom) when it comes to the ideal of marriage, but most never really do give up their freedom. I am in this moment inclined to feel that the whole process, ideal, and institution of marriage is a form of psychological entrapment. Get you excited about the idea because think of this…. if there was no marriage women would indeed be like men(inside chuckle); They can’t handle that! Men are so egotistical and very jealous creatures(No matter how much they act like they aren’t), they have a hard time drinking their own medicine when it’s time to get treatment.

When women do to men what men do to them it’s like they forgot all of the karma chips and tokens they collected! In medieval times they would kill their wives who did and even to this day in 3rd worlds they stone the women but let the men walk free. #Mouthdrop #WTF Just think about it Chris Brown Sings “These hoes and loyal” meanwhile he’s sleeping around back and forth with different girls. Lil Wayne say “Women Lie” well Mr. Wayne how many of those same women have you lied to. They expect that we are going to sit around and be Betty Crocker while they have fun and never really uphold their end of the commitment bargain. #BlankStare. Me personally I prefer to be alone and without ties if I can’t be happy with the 1(when in a relationship). I don’t take the stand point of cheating because I don’t agree with hurting people because you can. I think you only invite harm to yourself when you harm other people. AND I ain’t about that self destruction life a.k.a. I ain’t about bringing harm to myself in any way! But that’s just me ;~) In this day and age women of all backgrounds are taking the testosterone approach cheat first answer for it later. And to be honest with you All I can say to that is WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! If the psychological belief holds that “Men are head of household” then it stands to reason that women will follow after their head. It was bound to happen that women became just as selfish and sexually promiscuous as the men that teach them. AND I’M JUST HONEST!
So what’s the purpose? Is it really necessary? Of course it all comes back to personal preference. We may all walk down the isle of doom 8~[ BUT you never have to give up you most important asset…. Who you are! Sacrifice yourself for no man (In my pirate voice) you will always regret it and life is to short to be filled with regret. Live to the fullest, laugh til it hurts Love with open heart and Dance like it’s the last party!

Until Next time be safe be wise and always LOVE first


:^) :):~P

Written By Shaqualah a.k.a. Qualah

A Genuine Smile

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