When is Enough, Enough A Poem Written By Shaqualah C.

When is enough, enough

When you’re riding down the road in a police car

When they carry you away in a straight jacket

When you find them in bed together

I mean really, how much torture must you endure

Before you throw in the towel and say

GOODBYE Good riddance and good night

When is enough, enough

When you have finally found out the truth

When your heart shattters from the mere fact of

A veil uncovered so horrendous you went into IMMEDIATE shock

When you have finally suffered the last blow and your

Wife has been devalued

When oh when is enough, enough

Will it be enough when you relize that love is not there

When you realize no one Really cares

Or maybe when you have found your….

Inner PEACE Is that when enough is enough

Move forward, Live and Let Live But never subject yourself.

Stop brining distruction to your self

Sometimes to Quit is the best way to do it.

When is enough, enough


By: Shaqualah C. Written 7/2/2014


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