What is Life without Love

As a hopeless romantic I often aim to make my love life as movie fantastic as possible. I take the time to learn exactly what it is that he wants, I spend the time to understand and to feel. I make efforts such as special meals just because, a little gift to say I love you, or a little afternoon delight because it reminds you of me during the day. (One thing I noticed as I read back my last few statements is the term “I” )……… The truth is no matter how much you or “I” put into a love if that effort is not reciprocated it will only die.

House Plant Love

Take this house plant for an example In the beginning we always water it, pick dead leaves, and put it in the sun light but as time wares on it goes neglected… Unnoticed and thus begins to wilt. Then the leaves turn and it slowly begins to die. (Don't worry this one wont die because I'm planting it outside in the morning)

Love, My Friend…. Love is a joint team effort. Its not the initial feeling you get when you experience like; its the time tested relentless effort to stay and keep each other happy. To keep you smiling to keep your LOVE. I smile when I think of love, all at the same time I tear up. The truth about Love…. Love is what you make it A Genuine Smile but you can't make it lasting all alone, it's a team effort… There's no “I” in team.

Never allow you love for another become more than you love for yourself. Loving someone who doesn't value your way of love is detrimental to your personal health (Emotionally and Psychologically). Love with all your heart but be careful who you love. Pay attention to behavior, words, actions and know your self worth, know what you want and sacrifice no standards for what you deserve.

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Such a beautiful word, brings me joy instantly when I think and say it.  Until My next Love I will keep daydreaming of my perfect ideal LOVE. I will wait a lifetime for the right LOVE because its worth it!

So what's life without Love… Ehh Well its just a job without passion walking through life without purpose. So Love on….. But for the right reasons.


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