Lavendar 5 Health Benefits To Improve Your Lifestyle

A Lavender Field


On my recent trip to the health food store there were a few key items that I searched tirelessly for, 1 of them being lavender. If you have ever used lotions, shampoos, candles etc. with lavender in it, you already know of it’s relaxing qualities. But did you know that lavender can be used for much more than relaxation. Lavender has far more benefits that you may know. Here I will share 5 key elements of lavender’s healing qualities. If you would like to find out these benefits just keep reading.

Lavendar Flower

5 Benefits Of Lavender


1. Vitamins and Minerals

Lavender though so small in its flower form packs big qualities on vitamins. With Vitamin A, Calcium, and Iron you can quickly stock up on your mineral intake.

2. Digestive Health

Having trouble getting your flow to move right… No worries lavender has you covered. The 2nd featured benefit of lavender is Digestive help. Lavender helps to move food through the digestive system. I’d say that this puts lavender on a win win list because it’s pleasant to consume and it creates a suitable environment internally for long a healthy life.

Diegstive Health Benefit of lavender

3. Muscle Spasms

Pain in a woman calfEver wake up in the middle of the night with a muscle spasm. Well I’ll tell ya… Not the best way to wake up from a comfortable slumber. If you take lavender either by tea form, cooking with it, or by eating it straight you will experience the benefit of reduced convulsions and spasms.

4. Pain Relief/Migraines

Pain Pain Go Away….. Okay so lavender is great for pain relief! One specific pain that I will focus on for the purpose of this post is migraines or head aches. Yes it works for other forms of pain but Migraines have affected some important people in my life. If you have migraines you may take lavender in a tea form, cook with it, eat it or just aromatherapy with it and it will benefit you tremendously.

5. Mosquito RepellentMosquitos Be Gone

Its about to be summer time and you know what that means……. MOSQUITOS! Yes one of the worst things about summer is Mosquitos. So just use a little lavender in the same ways described about and you have yourself a handy dandy natural mosquito repellent, And it doesn’t smell bad!
There are many ways and benefits to incorporate lavender into your daily life and add to your healthy lifestyle. This list of benefits is hopefully the little push you need to get up and go to the health food store to buy your lavender.
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