How To: High, Colored, Braided Bun Tutorial With Pictures

Red Braided Bun


Steps To Creating This High Firery Braided Bun

High Buns have been in and out of style for ages. As of late they have taken a ride on the uptrend train. If you are looking to create a faux or synthetic bun this will be the tutorial for you. Enjoy


First and foremost you must create the setting for the perfect braided bun

Step 1: So for starters lets get our favorite styling gel or mousse to create this look. Take you hair into a high ponytail. Use your favorite styling gel or mousse to keep the hair in place in the high ponytail. Next twist your hair into a bun rotating the hair around your band using bobby pins to secure if necessary.


Watch It Here Part 1:

Now we move on to your synthetic hair. Take the synthetic hair out of the package (for this style I used Afrell Braiding Hair By Rastafari and Red Marley Twist Hair By JazzWave) you can use any colored synthetic hair you would like I just used the marley twist hair to add texture. The Afrell Braiding Hair is very silky and I recommend it if you have fine/straight hair. ImageWatch It Here Part 2:

Step 2: Allow the rubber band to stay in tact when taking the hair out of the package. Place the hair over your shoulder and braid both sides of the hair down to the end. Secure the braid with a rubber band.

Step3: Take the braided synthetic hair and pace the middle of the braid in the middle of your natural bun. Secure on both sides with bobby pins.

Step 4: Wrap one side towards the back of the ponytail securing it with a bobby pin. Then taking the same piece cross the braid over the top of the bun moving from the back of the ponytail to the front of the ponytail and secure with bobby pin(s). Take the remaining piece of the braid and loop over the front of the bun securing it in the center of the bun with bobby pin(s).

Step 5: Repeat steps above in the other direction to even out the braided bun and complete the style.

ImageWatch It Here Part 2:

Ding You're Done…. Quick 15 minute style. Enjoy your style!


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