The Loss of A Great Souls

Maya Angelou A Great Soul


Today we mourn the loss of a great soul. To many she was just a poet to me she was a reminder of the great feet overcome by our African American Nation. To me she represents womanhood and what great challenges we can boulder through without changing our core values and dreams. To me Maya Angelou was a representation of a Role Model. Someone who didn’t sacrifice self worth, esteem and respect for the mighty dollar. Someone who didn’t give into the temptations of society to be less than a dignified human being. For me she taught me many things the use of language in a non vial way to express… Express Love, Sadness, Joy, excitement and compassion. She taught me that my words can bring a man to tears with just a mention of deep feeling, yet without being harmful, disrespectful or even angry. She taught me that Love has meaning and words have feelings. Feelings are our words. Maya Angelou Taught me… And I didn’t even get to meet her. I wish I had the chance to meet her. 1 of my FAVORITE ROLE MODELS IS GONE AND I CRY WISHING I COULD HAVE MET HER.

Maya Angelou

Love Qualah

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