Friday Night Lights When a girl needs inspiration for the party

From time to time we all find ourselves staring in our closet at all the clothes so neatly categorized on color coded hangers with a blank stare thinking “I have nothing to wear” Looking on blankly at our closets knowing that inside there are plenty of viable options, yet we still find it dulling and quick mood dampering to actually have to wear something in the closet. So we stare on hoping there will be some magical fairy to pop out of the wall and create a new look for the night. Well I’m not exactly a fairy nor am I going to pop out of your wall however I can give you some ideas that will help you create a look that you will love and hopefully reignite the fire you had for the night!

Feel Free to mix and Match. It’s all about you having fun with your personal style.

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friday night

With it being Friday night you have to let your hair down and just live. So stop standing there wasting the night away looking for something. Take these ideas and grab what works out of your closet or shop for it! Spend the night enjoying the night not looking for what to wear to possibly enjoy the night…. Get there, Be there, in whatever you wear

Live Life to Love Life




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