The skimpy is IN @ Dolce & Gabbana and I am LOVIN IT!!! HOT Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

ImageDolce & Gabbana IS BRINGING IT this Summer and yes I am yelling with excitement right now



Ok. So I have put together a little collection of MY FAVORITE runway picks from Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer Collection 2014 and I’m sure if you love summer as much as I do… You’re gonna LOVE THE LOOK(S)!!!

Black lace peasant sleeved, Abrabic neckline mini dress.

Love my description Tehehehe I couldn’t just stop at 1 I had to get detailed.

Yes Honey Black is in this summer Don’t think hot as in melting think hot as in Sizzling Muah! :~D

Delicate Flower Romanesk Peasant Mini Dress with Coin Belt

And Check out those shoes. Oooo I just love it!

Beautiful Sleeved Floral Mini Dress Delicate Semi Neutral Colors

I must say that they chose the absolute best model for this piece because she makes this look like a GO TO dress for the summer. Great Job!

Lace Roman Neckline Top coin belted skirt

Black is back, Maybe I can get a little respect this summer!!! Lol I’m just joking… No really I’m joking Another Go To look for the summer

Now we come to my favorites!!!!! I have save the beauty for last. Although^^^^^ those were beautiful too these hold a special place on my wishlist!



Floral Coin Design Two Piece Ensemble

Perfectly Flowing and BREATHING Just Right for the summer! I must say that this looks stunning on the model as well.


Sleeved Chiffon Red Polkadot Top Printed Textures GOLD high waist mini skirt

Ladies and Gentlemen this is my Sex and The City Look right here This was actually until like the very last minute in a battle for my #1 pick but I decided that I actually like it just a tad bit less that what’s to come. But Um this look is so me when I’m ready for that business yet party look. Boy will this be in my selection!



Image Top: Sleeved Temple Printed Mango Yellow Mini Dress and Shoes and Bag~ Bottom: Temple Printed Chiffon Sleeved Top, Coined belted skirt.

I’ll take both please the whole look don’t forget the bag the shoes and the earrings and little hair pieces please and thank you…. Just throw it in the bag and charge it to the GAME!!! Ok. Omg this is SOO CUTE! I’m talking summer lunchon, pool party sassy, trip to Miami, Ladies Night Out in Vegas… Tea in Italy, fashion show in Pari’ (Paris), Yes IM TALKIN HOT!

I couldn’t decide which runway look I was loving the most So I saved my 2 favorite looks for Last and boy are they LOVELY!

Please do tell which look did you like best????

Enjoy ladies and gentlemen enjoy. All looks here can be purchase @ styles are between $1000-$4000 OUCH! Not yet for me… soon. But maybe for you… Check it out!


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