Solange Shows Us the Top Fight Hairstyle of the Week!

Solange Knowles Attack Jay z Hair stil in place

Ladies and Gentlemen when you have something to get off your chest and you think there’s going to be a fight……

You may need to take some time on selecting the perfect hairstyle for the event!


Solange Knowles does just that for 2014 Met Gala with this Short and Sassy layered Mushroom Bob.

Unfortunately this information came too late for me but for you maybe it will be just in time for your up and coming fight!

Solange shows us how to rock this bob before and after a fight with no damage to the style.


Solange Knowles Met Gala 2014 arrival


Look at that hair…. Not a bit outta place!!! Solange during the fight on elevator Photo courtesy of TMZ





Solange Knowles After the fight (Beyoncé Knowles, and Jay z Leaving Met Gala)

As you can see ladies and gentlemen this style stood the test of dancing and fighting…All in one night

And again I wish I had this style a few months ago in my time of need. But let that be a lesson to you!

Get your perfect style for your fight night!

Until Next Time………. LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!

To see the fight just go to google or youtube and search solange, jayz, solange attack, solange attack Jayz on elevator that should do.

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