Uv Gel Nail Art (Liquid Gel)


I have put together a very brief showcase of UV nail designs from 2013. These pictures give a small example of the designs that can be done with UV LIQUID GEL. Nail shops all over will tell you that acrylic is better but actually IT’S JUST CHEAPER!


Nail Swirl

An abstract nail design with a different color nail for each finger.

Ring finger demonstrates the diamond nail design. All nails are

designed with UV liquid gel and clear false tips. 4Nails use UV color gel.


This UV gel set demonstrates the use of Fimo Fruit cane, UV Color Gel, and the use of crushed shells.

This design features lots of color and a mixture of nail design products.


In this design you will see that it also uses the Fimo Fruit Canes and colored UV gel. This is my first use of the fimo canes.







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