Nail Design Tutorials

Winter Wonderland 12/24/2012

Winter Wonderland a design I created to represent my version of a winter wonder land. The idea was to have ice cycles hanging down from the snow and falling down to the ground at the tips of each ice cycle there are little rhinestones. Watch Here>

Ziggy 3

Ziggy 3 was a design I created around the same time as winter wonderland. I wanted to show case both designs so I did tutorials at the same time for them both. Ziggy 3 is a free hand style and can be worn with any colors. You can play around with this and adjust it to your desired idea. Watch Here>

Platinum Shine

Platinum Shine was my New Years nail design and I actually really loved this simple, but high impact design. The dress that I chose for this nail design really made all a design and accessory choices stand out. This design was very easy but it had a lotta shine! Watch here>

Colorful Fruit This was a gel nail design that I created 2/19/2013 this design is so

Color Fruit

fun and stylish that I wanted to show case the art work. This design was inspired by my love of color and I decided to add some of my very favorite. In addition to the fimo fruit canes that I added I also use color and glitter gel to give it a little shine. No special occasion for this nail design just love of color and pretty nails.

You can watch tutorials for each of these nail designs at

Here you will find hair and nail tutorials. 

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