A Hint of Something Natural: Skin, Hair & Nails

 A journey to healthy skin, hair and nails

Beautiful skin
Having healthy skin is a part of an overall healthy lifestyle process.

In nature there are all kinds of cures for your ailments. A few questions that may puzzle you are: where do you find them, how do you know, how long and how much do I take. Today we will discuss a few natural remedies that you can use for your hair and skin that will keep you glowing of natural beauty.

Natural Skin Remedies

Caring for your skin can seem like a full time job. Looking for products that are for your skin type, making sure that the ingredients are to your desire, trial and error etc. All of these things can take time, energy and money that you sometimes do not have. In regards to skin care you may actually find very simple and full proof procedures to cure your skin problems. The best part about it all, is being able to go right into your kitchen (i.e. pantry, refridgerator) and using food that is simply grand when it comes to your skin and hair.

Drinking water is a natural way to get your skin, hair and nails back healthy.

 Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water is an essential part of life. Not only is water necessary for your body to be healthy but it is also very vital for healthy hair, skin, and    nails. Water is a natural cleanser helping your body to push out and remove toxins that sit in your body seeping out of your pores making you  unhealthy. So yes water is one of the purest forms of natural remedies for your hair, skin, nails etc to be healthy and beautiful.

Eating healthy is essential to any healthy lifestyle. If you want healthy hair, skin and/or nails fruits and veggies are still as important.

Eating Plenty of Fruits and Veggies

Yes, yes I know you are really thinking that this is starting to look like deja vu'… Well it is. Fruits and Veggies are essential to giving you body the vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a healthy existence as well as giving your body energy, boosting your metabolism and more. Fruits and veggies also help to cleanse your body. Keeping your body clean is a process that will naturally occur with the use of these steps. Resulting in healthier body, skins, hair, nails, and even mind.

Exercise/physical activity is so important in keeping you and your body toned, healthy, in shape and balanced.

ExerciseDon’t start booing just yet. You ever wonder how some people manage to always stay young even when they have had no surgery, no botox, and they are older than you? Well exercise is one of those very things that they do. Yes exercise has weight loss benefits, but that’s not the reason many people still do it. Exercise has a way of changing the balance or lack there of key chemicals in your body such as estrogen, testostrone, seratonin, and giving your hormonal level a sound nudge in the right direction. Resulting in a happier healthier you. When you workout you tend to perspire, this perspiration gives way to a new radiance in your skin. Yea you may be red for a few minutes but this is not harmul it is simply a show of pumped up blood circulation, which is good. After working out you will notice an impecible glow that no amount of cosmetic products can give you without the use of some form of additive.

Natural oils are great for cooking, however they are essential to your body being healthy inside and out.

Using Natural Oils

Using natural oils can be beneficial to your overall health. Natural oils can be used inside and outside of your body. They help with weight loss, protection from sun burn, moisture to hair, skin and nails, as well as reducing risks for heart disease. Natural oils have so many benefits that we simply can not find in any store bought products. In fact these very oils are used in many of the store bought products your currently use regularly. Natural oils save you time and money searching for products that will only be a fraction of the results you see with this natural source.  A few oils that are absoltely exquisite for hair, nails, skins, and body are listed below.

Coconut Oil- Great for adding moisture to hair, is a natural hair conditioner, great for smoothing skin and slowing the process of aging. Great for wrinkle reduction. Coconut can also be used as a cooking oil, and ingested to help with weight loss. Can be used on hair, skin,nails and in/for food.

Shea Butter- A natural skin and hair moisturizer. Very helpful as a heat protectant this is actually one of the best qualities of shea butter. Shea butter is a natural heat protectant and is probably the main ingredient in your sunscreen or heat protectant hair product. Use on skin, hair, and nails.

Olive Oil- Great for hair loss just massage into scalp everyday. Wonderful skin, hair, nail moisturizer. Absolutely exqusite when you cook with it and extremely helpful in lowering fat clogging the arteries. Can be used on hair, skin, nails, and in food.

There are many more natural oils and butters that are simply grand when it comes to skin, hair, nails, and your body. Here I have named a few to get you started on your natural health journey. Your hair, skin, and nails can only be healthy if your body is healthy or moving in the direction. You will see these part deteriorate if you are not keeping yourself healthy fit and active. Please come back for more hint, tips, and tricks with glamour143.com

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