Maintaining Your Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions

Keep your virgin indian remy hair extensions from clean

Initially receiving your healthy Virgin Remy hair extensions  will seem like a dream. Although your virgin Remy hair extensions may seem like a dream they bring you back to real life when it comes to proper care.

Maintaining your Remy hair extensions include very simple steps but crucial steps never the less. If you are a 1st time virgin Remy hair user you will benefit from these easy to follow steps for maintaining your Remy hair extensions.

Remy & virgin Remy hair extensions are not like non Remy hair extensions. They act exactly as they did as when on the head of its donor. So caring for your natural hair and you virgin Remy hair extensions is a necessity.

When you receive you Remy extensions always inspect them closely, make sure they are the correct length, style, and amount. You should always wash your Remy extensions when you receive them. Glamour143 Inc Always inspects and cleans the hair, however not all hair companies do. So

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Always wash you hair extensions when you get them... even from

Initial Care:

Step 1: Immediately inspect and wash your Remy hair extensions upon arrival.  

  Step 2: Let air dry          

Spray your Virgin Remy hair with water. Just Sprits and go!

After Installation:

Step 1: After your Remy hair has been installed it is vital to keep the hair moisturized (especially if the hair is wavy of curly). You can spray the hair with water, washing often, using hair moisturizer for curly and/or chemically treated hair.

Step 2: Deep condition your Remy hair at least once a month. You may also co-wash your hair once or twice a week.

Step 3: Keep your Remy hair clean!

….And there it is! Easy to remember Remy hair care tip. You will notice that there is some maintenance necessary for your virgin Remy hair extensions but the main thing you should remember is to keep your virgin Remy hair extensions clean and moisturize… Also remember that Water works just fine!

Written By: S.S of Glamour143 Inc



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