What is Remy Hair?

It’s hard to get in the mix and share the joy about remy hair when you don’t know what it means. Well Glamour143 is here to help you better understand the meaning behind the loosely tossed around word “Remy.” In the hair industry there are the several types of hair extensions currently being offered. You have: Synthetic, Human hair, Non remy human, remy human hair, and virgin remy hair. For the purpose of this article we will stick to non remy hair, remy hair, and virgin remy hair extensions. When you see remy stamped on your hair extension packaging it can sometimes be anyones guess whether the extensions are actually remy or if the word is just used to sell the hair. After reading this article you will be more informed about your next remy or virgin remy hair extension purchase.

Remy hair is human hair that has the cuticle layer(the final layer of every strand of hair) still in place. Therefore non remy hair also know as fallen hair does not possess the cuticle layer making it much easier for the hair to tangle. Non remy hair also does not have a natural shine (as you will find with glamour143.com’s virgin indian remy hair extensions). Any true remy hair possesses the cuticle layer that continues to flow in the same natural direction. If the cuticle layer is flowing in the same natural direction your extensions will not tangle, they will last much longer, the hair will continue to hold its natural style after washing and styling, and the hair will have a natural shine without the need for additional products. Non remy hair will not stand up to the test!

When you are purchasing Virgin Remy  hair extensions the same will be true; However, Virgin remy hair extensions are even one step higher than remy hair. If you buy Virgin remy hair extensions you should be receiving extensions that have not been damaged by chemical processing, as a matter of a fact Virgin Remy hair extensions have not been processed at all. This hair is hair that originates from one donor unlike human hair which could be random hair collected on salon floors.

Shopping for Remy and Virgin Remy Hair is a job, especially at a time when many companies offer remy/virgin remy hair, that is not either in the slightest. Fortunately glamour143.com has; done all the leg work in finding true virgin remy hair extensions. At glamour143.com you will not be sold false remy hair. You will have full disclosure as to the products you will be receiving.

If you are in the market for True/Real Virgin Indian remy hair extensions visit us today for the real deal at: www.glamour143.com


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